True Christmas Vacation

What is this Christmas bliss they speak of?
Kids home from school, sweetly singing carols around the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate.
Gathered around the table, rolling out cookies and smiling at each other.
Gently wrapping gifts and applying small bits of tape to the packages.
Sweet loving words with a smile on their face.
Beautiful decorations that remains in place all season long.
Clean little faces, smiling and happy watching snow drift down.
Mother and children happily crafting magnificent beauty.

What is this they speak of?
Maybe this just happens on other planets, because it sure doesn’t happen here!
It happened here, just as I expected it would.

Loud wrestling, tussling, tugging, tickling and fighting on the living room floor.
Everyone knows how long that will last, until the first one gets hurt.

Snotty nosed baby crying at your legs.
She wants no one but Mom.
Why? Because of her early morning rising!

Laundry just waiting to be folded and packed.
Oh forgot, first we must wash and dry it.
Which in turn, results in the oldest daughter pulling a disappearing act with a book.

One sneakily puts on the the Son’s new fireman’s suit with a wicked grin.
He surprised us all and says, “Yeah for Reagan, she’s a fireman!”
Her shoulders dropped from his unexpected response.

Wrapping gifts with large pieces of wrapping paper and more scotch tape then paper.
Fighting for the scissors, the tape, the paper and even the gift that we put inside.

Sudden urges for Hot Chocolate in the middle of it all.
Marshmallows join the rest of the crumbs on the floor.

The result of not packing lunches this morning is
a totally wrecked kitchen from the eggs, bacon and toast they ate for lunch.

A basement in need of a good clean up sounds like a plan to this mom.
A baby that needs a bed and shall soon be there.
And the weary mom finds a cup of caffeine.
Some Christmas music will help.

And quietness will reign.
I will survive this.
Life is good.


11 thoughts on “True Christmas Vacation

  1. awww…this brings back memories….memories of a frazzled mom 😉 just hang on a little longer, three of my four are teenagers now, and I’m enjoying this stage of life. yes, it has it’s moments too, but it’s a different kind of frazzled i guess 🙂 Merry Christmas!


  2. so with ya on the crazy hectic days~
    it’s those late night caffeine filled quiet times that make them all bearable. ;))
    you’re a good mama.. much better than you think you’re doing, trust me!

    merry christmas my friend.
    i’ve really enjoyed getting to know you more through your blog this year.
    you’re fun and funny with a sincere heart and real way of writing. i like that. 🙂


  3. I remember. Now I have teenagers! I sometimes wish they were small again. This too shall pass. Just remember that in every season of life and motherhood, there is good. There are beautiful moments. And moments you will never have again. In all the chaos, remember that He is Immanuel, God with us.
    He’s with you and your family. Right in the middle of everything.
    God bless, christina


  4. ha ha sounds like my life!!! I think if in the midst of it all…I’m thankful….that good cheerful mood rubs off on the kids eventually…and if not….at least my heart is still at peace…that is a good xmas:)


  5. 😛 Love that you share the true grit of family life. Ha! We have had a few crazy moments so far but this next week will be the true test. All the hub bub of activity simmering down with Christmas over. We shall see.


  6. Always love me a good gritty Shannon post!! Hoping for some peaceful, beautiful moments for you somewhere in the craziness. I laughed over Regan’s drooping shoulders when her little jab didn’t work out.


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