This Week and More

It’s been a wordless week around here.
Too many things to do.
Hot lunch for school kids.
Running here and there, getting this and that.
Finishing up last minute gifts.
I’m ready for school vacation.
Some how I already know that it will not be the vacation I’m hoping for.
My preference would be sitting around in pj’s, drinking, coffee, watching a movie or too,
just relaxing!
But I have 4 kids and that pretty much puts that plan out the door.
Especially with my teething little fangster.
All other wishes aside, I’m down to just hoping for 1 morning of sleeping in.


This has been her look for the last 2 months.
Recently she started drooling again, and now this week has been crying a lot.
She hates when we try and look in her mouth so I turned her over and tickled her the other day.
While she laughed, I checked and sure enough there is a middle tooth poking thru finally.
Maybe we’ll be lucky and she’ll get them both at the same time.


She’s in a hot competition with Mr D over who can eat the most cookies.
Occasionally we just don’t bake anything so they quit eating sweets.
She’ll try almost any food but if it doesn’t suit her taste buds, look out.
She spits and sputters and coughs it all into her hand.
If you try another bite, she’ll pinch her mouth shut and shake her head.
She is not a veggie fan!


This was a few weeks ago at the hospital when a new cousin born.
These 2 were the babies for 9 months, now Liam came to take their place.
In a few months, another cousin will come along to take his place.

Josie and Kennedy were born 2 weeks apart.
So far playing together just doesn’t happen,
but we’re hoping for one of these days. πŸ™‚


The newest baby cousin is this bundle.
I have not seen him often enough due to my sick children.
I really do need to get him a noisy Christmas present yet. πŸ™‚


Reagan came home from school with this the other day.
Miss Lois helped them make gingerbread houses and they were delighted.
I was thinking, “Oh no, candy overload!” but not so.
She came home from school yesterday and looked it over carefully and said,
“Hey! 3 pieces are missing! An m&m and 2 side pieces!”
Really??? It wasn’t me!
So no, they aren’t eating too much candy off since she guards it with her eagle eye.

Christmas is only a few days away.
I asked the girls this morning when they want to open their gifts.
Reagan says, “Wellllllll, what day is today?”
“Ok, how about Friday night!”
I’m thinking the sooner the better because Mr D was along when I bought the girl’s gifts
and he does not do well keeping secrets.
This morning after we took them to school he says,
“I didn’t tell them about their ____.”
And you better not either! πŸ™‚
We’ll see how long his secret keeping lasts.


6 thoughts on “This Week and More

  1. I like Kennedy’s little fangs. πŸ™‚ hopefully she can get those other teeth thro, without too many tears. And I do hope your Christmas vacation is more relaxing than you think it will be!! πŸ™‚ merry Christmas!!


  2. Kennedy’s little teeth are so funny! I hope she gets the middle ones broken through before Christmas so you can get your morning of sleeping in. And I don’t have four children, but something about older {big} children bouncing off the walls really just does put an end to the idea of sitting around drinking coffee, relaxing. Little kids might move more but nine year old somersaulting legs are so BIG they take up the whole area. πŸ™‚


  3. Aww!! Poor teething Kennedy! And poor, sleep deprived mom!!! Know what you mean about any ideas flying out the window with four kiddos. Sigh. It is all consuming isn’t it?!
    Have a good rest of your weekend and I hope you all get, and Stay healthy!


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