Little One | 9 months

Little One is 9 months old.
That went fast!

Kennedy  (1)

She is the life of the party around here.
A lot of times she creates her own party at 4am.
Or any other AM number for that matter.
Sleep is at the bottom of her list of needs.
Why sleep when you can entertain people at all hours of the night?
Since when do babies need less sleep then parents?

Kennedy  (2)

The other kids get a huge kick out of making her laugh and playing with her.
It’s all jolly until she’s in a bad mood then suddenly no one wants her
and she wants no one except her mom.

Kennedy  (6)

She loves her Daddy.
When he comes home from work she laughs and makes a bee line for his legs.
“Why bother taking your shoes off Dad? Just hold me!”

Kennedy  (3)

4 teeth so far.
2 on the bottom, 2 on the top.
The 2 on the top are not the middle ones,
they are the next ones out on either side.
Fangs, you might say. 🙂
Wish I could get a picture of them but she dislikes having us look at them.

Kennedy  (7)

Boy, can she move.
She crawls so fast I think she’ll take her time learning to walk.
It’s much slower to get around on your feet.
She does cruise along the front of the furniture,
pushes her little walking toy and any chair that will move.

Kennedy  (4)

All my kitchen cupboards get cleaned out on a regular basis.
Sometimes things are properly replaced,
other times it’s just jammed back in to await another cleaning.
The other day I caught her under the sink chewing onion peels.
She did NOT get that from her mother.

Kennedy  (5)

We love her so, even with her early morning rising wails.


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