Pinterest Foods #2

Pinterest… What is your interest there?
Fashion? Do-it-yourself?
Decor? Food?

I would have to say mine is food.
I like to scan through it all but I use the food side of it
a lot more then anything else.
I find I’m lacking in creative food making,
and food making is a never ending battle here.
I thinkthinkthink then finally figure out what to make
and 10 minutes after it hits the table, it’s gone!
Only to start over again the next day.
So food it is on Pinterest.

Here are a few things I’ve tried that we liked.

Divine Bread sticks

Bread sticks… who doesn’t like bread.
These were fast, easy to make and very good.
I think next time I might add more garlic and a few other herbs.
We dipped them in marinara and the kids thought they were great.

Raising Canes Sauce

Around here everyone loves Raising Canes.
I don’t know if you have them in your area, if you do give them a try.
They only serve chicken and with it their specialty sauce.
This comes close and my guys eat it up so it must be good.

Twice-Baked Potato Casserole Recipe

Twice Baked Potato Casserole

I love twice baked potatoes but they are so much work.
This is a close 2nd that is good and quite simple to make.

Crescent Roll Recipes

Crescent Roll Recipes

Do you use Crescent Rolls?
This site has all kinds of cool uses for them.
School lunches, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast.
Scroll through the photos on her site to see all the uses.

Sugar Cookie Bars

I made these awhile ago.
They were ok, not quite what I expected but the kids ate them!
I didn’t use orange frosting, but you may! πŸ™‚

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Squares

These are good!!
The first time I made them straight from the recipe
and my guys ate them but commented negatively on the peanut butter.
Next time I just left the peanut butter out and they were a huge hit.
A lot easier then cookies, but the same great taste.

Tell me what you’ve made and like from Pinterest.

Note: All photos from the site of the recipe.
Pinterest Food post #1 here.


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Foods #2

  1. I love your food board on Pinterest Shannon! I’ve tried several recipes you pinned and they were really good. I love hearing which recipes actually get used and which ones were good! As much as I love Pinterest I’ve made some pretty bad meals using recipes from Pinterest.


  2. We should be pinterest friends b/c I am such a foodie. I just made a Chicken Marsala casserole last night that was awesome! It took chicken and rice to a new level but yet you still got the comfort food feel.


  3. Pinterest is like a virtual cookbook! I use it for meal planning, even. Food is definitely one of my favorite things to pin, but I pin a little of anything and everything that interests me or could be useful. Now I need to go make a snack…your food pins made me hungry. lol!


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