Attitude of Gratitude


   Right now a lot of what you read is Thanksgiving posts,
being thankful for the little things.
Facebook is full of them,
blog posts are all over the board on this subject.
I’m glad we’re being thankful,
I just wish there was a way to remember this for the rest of the year.


How do you instill an Attitude of Gratitude in the heart of a child?
To be Thankful for the little things?
For everything.
Why whine about what’s not?
Instead Thank!

(Thankful for cardboard boxes to play with)

In this day and age of “instant” everything,
they just hop from one thing to the next.
As soon as they are bored with something,
they find something else. Or they whine.
Don’t like the snack? Get something else out.
Don’t want to work? Then don’t. Whine awhile.
They don’t appreciate anything because the next thing is at their fingertips.
And they get by with ungratefulness.
What happened to appreciating the little things?
Disclaimer: We try not to run our household like that.

(Thankful for little tea parties with junk food to eat)

I think part of the children’s problem stems from the parents.
We take so many things for granted too.
Little things.
Things that mean so much to us, yet we don’t thank for them.
Turn negatives into a positive.
You have a dirty house? At least you have a house.
Your children are grouchy? At least you have children.

Work on the attitude.
(says a very real pessimist) 🙂

(Thankful for Little One who cleans out the pantry!)
Guess she didn’t like the junk food snack so she ate something else.

This weekend I want to do something with the kids.
I have papers for them and they may decorate the edges
but the inside is for words.
Words of thankfulness.
Little. Big. Simple. Anything.
We’re going to keep these papers out and when they think
of something, they need to write it down.
But I know them.
The first hour will be fun,
after that…
yeah, we’ll see where their grateful spirit is.


My Attitude of Gratitude today.

Sunshine yesterday, rain today.
Chilly Ohio air.
Cozy, comfy house with coffee.
Crying, snotty teething baby with small moments of happiness and sleep.
Questioning 4 year old who is thankful for Christmas and corn.
School girl homework, at least they learn most of it at a Christian school!
Dentist visits, we have teeth!
A husband! So very grateful for him.
Friends! Family. Where would we be without these?

What’s on your list today?
Tell me!

3 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Thank you, Shannon! Just what I needed to hear! My Thankful List is growing! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Love, Mary Reinhard

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  2. thankful for a cozy warm house while the snow falls outside!

    so true that much of an attitude of gratefulness comes from the parents – i’ve been feeling this very way lately. like, “WHY aren’t my kids more grateful…?” then i hear myself grumbling over the silly things and, “oh, yeah!” : / also. i can bad too about whenever they need something of just wanting to step in and buy it instead of making them save their own money, work for it, or even pray about it. sometimes i think some of that comes from how you were raised. my parents were far from wealthy, but we kids usually always had all we wanted. shayne on the other hand was working from the time he was 12 to buy and afford the things he wanted – i see a difference in his contentment level vs. mine and i think it comes from alot of that. he’s a good balance for me and will remind me that sometimes even though we’re just trying to be “good parents” we can be doing our kids more of a disservice and feeding that entitlement attitude~

    some rich thoughts here, s. got me thinking on this saturday morning… :))


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