Of Retaliation

You know that little saying, “Turn about, fair play!”
Today those words make me very happy.
Very happy indeed!

You see many moons ago when the first niece arrived in the Hostetler family
the only single uncle in the family took it upon himself to become the favorite.
For some odd reason he thought that in order to claim that title,
he must needs buy toys and toys, and lots of toys.
Loud toys, noisy toys, beeping toys, sticky toys,
loud whistles, flutes and all manner of evil.

More children were born to brothers in this family
and each Christmas these children would say,
“I can’t wait to see what we’re getting this year!”
And the parents would say,
“I can’t wait until Joel has children of his own!”

One Christmas remains as a special memory in the minds of these parents.
You see Joel was very fond of his bed,
he was often found snoozing the time away there.
Memory fails me to some extent but I can make do with what I have.
Joel presented his grand array of gifts to these children once again
and then joyfully sneaked upstairs for his little nap.
With gleeful smiles the parents of these children gathered
them and their noisy toys and sent them upstairs to his room!
Then we settle back in our chairs and smiled!
No actually, I’m pretty sure we laughed.

Fast forward a few years….
Joel is now married to his lovely Annie
and they are happily awaiting grandchild #13 for this family.
And we are happy too.
Oh so happy.

Now to be fair, as soon as Joel started dating Annie,
we warned her over and over about her future in this family,
how repercussions of things are not always kind.
She dismissed us with a wave of her hand saying,
“But it wasn’t me!”
Our theory,
“You marry the culprit,
and along with that comes “for better or worse!”

So one day I got an invitation to a baby shower.
And I smiled.
I loaded up my 2 littles and away we went to the city!
Now every time we go to the store, Mr D wants to go see the toys.
I almost always say “No, not now.”
But this time he was delighted when I told him we would be
spending lots of time in the toy section.

So we went and we looked at this toy
and that toy and the next toy.
We punched buttons on this one, that one and the next one.
You should have heard that toy aisle sing!
But none were just right.

Until I spotted something similar to one that we have.
A toy that particularly annoys me.
A toy that I once had in the “goodwill” bag
and my husband dug it back out.
Then when I saw the little tag on this toy,
and I knew it was meant to be.
Oh, I smiled.


55! Wow. What could be any better?
So we tried it. We pushed all the buttons.
And the smile just got bigger.
And bigger.
My, how it could sing!
So we bought it.
And wrapped it.
And happily took it to the baby shower.

Now, we just wait for this baby to arrive
and put it to use.
Until then, if you visit Joel and Annie,
be sure and ask for the toys for your children.


Little turtle, you have a lot to live up to.
But fear not, you will not live your life alone.
I will buy many, many, many friends for you.
Every birthday, every Christmas,
and maybe even for no reason at all.
Loud toys, noisy toys, sticky toys.
You shall have friends, fear not.
Just keep on singing!

“Can you find the bees?
Buzzzzzzz, buuuuzzzzzz, bbbbbbuuuuuuzzzzzz!”

12 thoughts on “Of Retaliation

  1. Shannon I never knew you were such and evil genius!! I like this side of you 😉 I agree with Jenn, the popping-pusher-thingy, you have to get that to go with the signing turtle!


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