Happy Birthday Mr D.

Happy Birthday, Dakota!
You are finally 4.
You’ve been waiting for this day for the last 6 months.


There are 3 of us that have summer birthdays and once that starts,
he just can’t wait for his.
The suspense keeps building up until Reagan has her birthday,
exactly one month before his and then we start counting days
and there is never ending talk of his birthday.


This year we were in IN the middle of Oct so Grandma planned
a party for him and Bryce.
It was just great, a cake with candles and presents,
but it also confused him a little.
He kept asking,
“I had a birthday party, but I didn’t have a birthday yet?”


When I asked him about opening presents he says,
“I want as many as I had at Grandma’s party!”
Oops, a lot less people at this party,
don’t think that’s gonna be happening.

{15 minutes after getting out of bed}

Tradition here is a meal of your choice on the night of your birthday.
We asked him last night what he wants,
“Delicious corn!”
We laughed and asked what else,
“Just a cupcake!”
Those birthday cupcakes were long waited for.


He helped make them yesterday and could hardly wait to eat one.
I asked last night what he wants for breakfast and he says,
“Ohhh, just a cupcake!”
And so he had one.
The biggest one with the most frosting.
He ate up all the frosting and then said,
“I’m full. I don’t want the crumbs!”

{He could hardly wait to taste it}


“Mom, can I go on the touchpad?”
“No, wait till Kennedy goes to bed.”
“Ok….. Mom, how can I make her yawn?”

{Trying to wink at Madison}

“Mom, see my belly? It’s hungry. It wants to be full!”
“Does it want lunch?”
“No, it wants to be full of a snack!”

The kids were playing soccer in the front lawn.
{Insert lots of yelling}
Me: “What’s going on?”
Dakota: “They won’t let me be the recipe so I can blow the whistle!”
Interpretation: Referee

{Simple things keep a boy happy!}

When he told the girls goodnight last night he says,
“When you see me tomorrow, it will be my birthday!”

Dakota, we love you!
You have been our biggest challenge when it comes to child raising.
I pray some day you will take this stubborn,
determined intensity and use it for God.

Enjoy your day birthday boy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr D.

  1. He’s so cute, in looks and talking and actions! Every picture is just bursting with personality. Amazing that he’s 4 already! The dad hiding behind the kid in the cake picture just cracks me up. 🙂


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