Pumpkin Time

It’s pumpkin time again.

Cookies, cakes, pies, and all things good.

I love pumpkin stuff but haven’t made a lot of it this year.
My resolve is weak when it comes to things like this and if I make it, I eat it!
So my family suffers because I don’t make it.
I promise as soon as I get some more eggs, we’ll have pie again.

We planted pie pumpkins this Spring.
Let me rephrase that,
Eric planted pie pumpkins this Spring.
This woman doesn’t do gardening and since he kind of likes it,
he does it.
And we’re all happy,
as long as it doesn’t produce to much work for me. πŸ™‚


(This is not one of ours. He was hand delivered to the middle of our lane late one night.)

Anyway, we have little pumpkins, maybe 10 of them or so.
I hate hate hate cutting them apart.
The shell is so hard and your hands hurt till your done.
Then I read a cooking blog and lo and behold,
it’s easier done!

The Farmer’s Wife will tell you all about it here.

Follow her directions and bake away. I only cut up 6 of the little things this morning and I have about 13 cups of pumpkin.

Cookies are the first thing on the list for me, after the pie of couse.
I make these every year and I’m craving them.

Happy baking.


10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Time

  1. I thought the baking of the pumpkins was so brilliant too! Previously I had cut up each individual piece and tried to cut away the outside without chopping a finger, and quite frankly, it stressed me out! I’m SO glad to know a new easy way!


  2. I love pumpkin everything…except pie! I can only handle a couple of bites of pumpkin pie. I usually plant pumpkins..mostly for decoration and I will cook a pumpkin or two for good measure ;)…but this year I didn’t get them planted in time. Thankfully there are a billion places to purchase pumpkins!

    Happy Thursday to you.


  3. I thought of you the other day when i made those sinful cookies! πŸ™‚ They are the BEST! Havent made any others since I found that recipe. Yumm!
    Wilma King


  4. None of us garden. I planted a garden when I was pregnant with Oliver and I discovered that being the only one working it, when you’re pregnant, is not a great idea. So it didn’t go anywhere. ha.

    I’d help you out with eating some of that pumpkin stuff if I was closer.


  5. I bake them, too, but I put even less work into it. I leave the pumpkin whole, rub oil on the outside, and bake it for an hour at 375-ish until easily pierced with a knife. Easy as pie.

    How nice to have a husband who likes gardening! πŸ™‚


  6. Fall really is the perfect time for baking! I made a pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was a pretty big hit with the family. I’ve never made home made pumpkin puree! Is it weird that I think that sounds like fun to me?


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