Chad & Rochelle’s Wedding

In September Chad and Rochelle got married in the lovely State of South Carolina. Eric and I left the 4 kiddos at home with a very capable babysitter and headed south for the weekend.
I wish we would have had more time and less work with a weekend away but it was good all the same.

CRM (240)

The day was a little dreary, some sprinkles, but they had big smiles and happy hearts!

CRM (116)


CRM (122)

She was a very relaxed bride. So much fun to work with.

CRM (357)

All the pretty ladies…

CRM (207)

He was a happy man!

CRM (399)

The guys made sure everyone knew they were from Ohio.
Except for 1 of them.

CRM (143)

CRM (338)

CRM (229)

CRM (269)

I loved her shoes and her flowers.

CRM (297)

CRM (509)

Her family

CRM (442)

His family

CRM (180)

CRM (307)

CRM (1048)

CRM (1065)

CRM (1045)

CRM (1082)

A beautiful day it was!


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