Remind me, Lord

Lord, help me to remember…

 That my children are only young once.
I will never get today again.
My baby is over half way through her first year
and I’ll never get this year with her again.
Help me to forget my work when she wants to be held.


My big girls will never be 10 and 8 again.
Help me to listen to them, to care for their hearts.
My son will only be 3 a few more days…
may I read to him with care instead of rushing
and answer every question he asks.
again. and again. and again.


Hug them. Hold them. Love them.

Help me to remember to slow down, to not rush everything,
to enjoy the moment, to close my eyes and relax.
I want to look at the leaves, smell the flowers, and sing with the birds.
Help me to stop and listen for your still small voice.
I miss it so many time because I hurry away.


Remind me of the beauty of marriage,
to see the little moments and make the most of them.
To take the time to love.
To enjoy being together even when we are surround by little people.
To love the good and the bad, like the berries below,
help me see that there are more good times then bad.


Help me Lord, to be grateful,
to thank you for all the blessings you give me.
For all the things I have and use every day that I never thank you for.
(That is, until I don’t have them)
Remind me when I want to grumble,
and I’m tired of how things are,
that we are gifted with these things only because of you.
Set a watch over this pessimistic mouth.


Help me remember what you have done for me.
Without you, I would be like this leaf,
ugly and brown, full of holes, and dieing.
Thank you for Salvation, for coming just for me.


And most of all, let me never forget
that your mercies are new every morning,
your love and your faithfulness are without end.
Thank you Jesus, for loving me.

Remind me, Lord!
Tap me on the shoulder.
Get my attention and never let me forget
that I am blessed and I need to enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Remind me, Lord

  1. oh, that first picture just slays me! how many times have i looked down and seen my little ones holding on just like that.. and now… now they’re too big to do that!

    you are a wise little mama to recognize now, while your kids are still so young that this time doesn’t last forever~ keep cherishing every day.



  2. Your words and your pictures are so beautiful Shannon! I’ve felt this tug-of-war in my heart ever since Pearl was born. That pull between being a busy momma of 4 and knowing I have to make good use of my time, and realizing that productivity and efficiency can’t always rule the day. Sometimes holding them really is the most important thing!

    PS- I love the picture of all your darlings!!


  3. Thanks for the reminder to treasure the present. Your children are so cute. Dakota looks so grown up and handsome! I love the pictures of fall. I wish I could see a little more of it in real life.


  4. These words are so good, Shannon! And the photos are WONderful. I love the first one especially.

    And: “Set a watch over this pessimistic mouth.” Are you my sister or something?? 🙂 I hope I get to meet you someday.

    An adorable family you have.


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