What is your favorite day of the week?
What makes it the favorite day?

Today is one of my favorite days.
No where to go, not much to do.
The “not much to do” cannot really apply to a mom,
but I’m applying it today.

I slept in a bit because Eric got up with bebe!
We made pancakes.
(now the clean up still waits)
It’s raining, dreary at the moment,
but that’s ok.
So we’ll light some candles.
Drink some coffee.
Read a book.
Listen to the kids play.
(with an occasional fight)
Music playing.
{How Great is our God}
Leaves are changing colors.
Bebe is back in bed.
Eric left to golf.
He has instructions to bring pizza home.
We are all happy.
I love days like this.

Saturday is my day and for the last 4 months,
the relaxing ones have been few and far between.
Today I’m gonna live it up.
If you stop in, there just might be toys
and who knows what all laying around.


This one think it’s good day anytime the dishwasher is open!

So what day do you love?
Sunday to go to church?
Monday to do weekend clean up?
Or are you another Saturday lover?


6 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Oh your Saturday sounds ALOT more relaxing and inviting then mine was yesterday!! I love when I can do what you described in this post and relax, even if/when things aren’t done. I think too often I get so stressed/uptight when my work isn’t done and I can get to feeling overwhelmed if things get too back logged. So, my favorite day is… the day after my cleaning is done and my laundry pile isn’t the size of Everest. =)


  2. I’m not sure if I have a favorite day. Sat. is usually pretty hectic around here, because I work Fri. I like Carmen’s “day after I clean” thing, but I don’t remember the last time when my whole house was cleaned all at once. Maybe I can say that soon, because YIKES!! the in-laws are coming this week! Tonight Brooke prayed that we’d get their bed cleaned off before they get here. 🙂 Happy day to you until you get another laid back Sat.!


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