Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday Dad.

When I was little I remember running to the barn and following you around.
I learned to whistle by watching and listening to you.
I followed you through the turkey barns
and watched you in the hog barns.
I loved to sit in the feed shed and watch you grind feed.
I remember when Dink would come to get feed.
I loved to stand and listen to you guys talk
and hope he would say something to me.
He always wanted to take me home with him. 🙂


When you were farming, I loved to ride along.
I would squeeze into the crack beside the big seat in the combine.
Usually you would stuff a jacket or something in for me to sit on.
When you took a drink from your water jug, I needed one too.

I remember when you would work on stuff in the shop,
we kids would wander around there doing all kinds of things.
I’m sure we caused more trouble then we can imagine.
(Well, after having my kids, I think I can imagine)
While you worked, we would watch. (and help)
You always told us not to look when you were welding
but I always sneaked a peek.
When you used the drill press,
I always had a hand ready in case a curl came off the bit.


We always had to ask before we just took off for the house.
We would come and lean against you and say,
“Can you go to the house now?”
You would look at your watch and answer,
No, it’s only 15 minutes till dinner time. Just wait.”

I remember sitting in the house, reading a book
and we would hear the truck come around the house.
You would holler, “Hey, I’m going to Clyde’s if you want to come along!”
Things would fly and we would jump on the back of the truck with Sam or whatever dog we had at the moment.


When I got older, I argued and fought about everything you tried to tell me.
Never mind that you knew it was for my own good,
I didn’t want to do it.
Thank you for not giving up on me.
For teaching me right from wrong.
For loving me even when I was less the nice.
For praying for me when I needed it the most.
And for always being there for me.


Now I watch you with my children and I’m thankful, grateful,
privileged, to have a Dad like you be their grandpa.
They love spending time with you,
riding on the mule, watching you do the same things I did.
Thank you for loving them and me.

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Happy Birthday Dad.

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