Nick Robert

I would like to introduce to you the sweetest little nephew around.

Nick (154)

He’s the 3rd brother for his family
and the he evened up the cousins with 5 boys and 5 girls.

Nick (148)

He is sweet, cuddly and just as squishy as a newborn should be.
We held him, passed him around, wiggled him, and he wouldn’t wake up….
until it was time for pictures!

Nick (126)

{Baby yawns are so cute}

Nick (151)

Nick (129)

His Dad gave him the ear of corn!
A farmer to be.

Nick (122)

{Baby stretches}
How is it that babies can do all these things and it’s perfectly ok! 🙂

Nick (160)

Snooze away sweet one, I’ll be back to hold you soon!


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