Of School

May their days be filled with learning, wisdom, new experiences,
growing, fun times, and all things good.

May they learn about important things in life like Jesus, friendships,
kindness, being a peacemaker and putting others first.


I wish them a fun year and lots of new things learned.

God grant their teachers wisdom and much patience
because it sure takes a lot at home.


And may my days be filled with more peace and a lot less fighting.

Ta-da! They are off to school!



2 thoughts on “Of School

  1. aw! your oldest girls have gotten so big! and they look so much like you~ pretty little girls!! and your boy looks like a typical boy.. not thrilled to have his picture took. ha! and your baby, oh my word!! she’s growing too. guess that’s what kids do, eh? grow and before ya know it they’re as tall as you and headed to high school!!! said the mom who just watched her two oldest head to their second year of high school..

    hope they have a great year and that’s a beautiful prayer you wrote out for them!



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