The Princess

At 7:45am, the Princess is back in bed.

In the wee hours of the morning I heard,
I groaned and cracked one eye open to look at the clock.
The Princess was awake.

Since no crying came from the crib, I let her talk.
And talk she did.
For 15 minutes.
And with her talking, she woke The Prince, who sleeps in her room.
“Mooooom, Kennedy is standing in her crib!”

I flew over there and sure enough,
my not quite 6 month old was standing in her crib!


What happened to my baby?
This child is crawling and standing, but just barely sitting.
Where is the baby that used to sleep all the time?
The child standing here needs less sleep then her mother it would seem!

We fed. We rocked. We held. We rocked.
All to no avail.
The Princess and the Prince were both very wide awake.
And so wake we did.

This very same child took only 4 20 min naps yesterday
and went to bed at 10:30pm!

That my friends is why the Princess is back in bed already!


She finds this whole process is much more amusing then her mother.


She is on the move in a big way.
She pulls herself around on her elbows and uses her toes for traction.
She can go anywhere she wishes.
Under the end tables, down the hall.
The other day she was yelling and I found her on the first step,
stuck trying to get up the 2nd one.
She ripped the cover off a book and proceeded to chew it to shreds.
She gags over peaches but eats bananas.
And only weighs 14lbs.
This is the child that will not be 6 months old until the 24th.


{Credits to Madison for this photo!}

She is not a cuddly baby.
The only time she lays her head down in when she’s sleeping.
This morning when I rocked her she went to sleep with her head up!
How? Can’t explain, but she did.
When she does fall asleep and cuddles down against you,
you just want to sit and hold her.
Sometimes I do but I know that in less the an hour
she will be wide awake again.


She has given us a run for our money already
but we love her!

Coffee refill, please!


6 thoughts on “The Princess

  1. Oh goodness, she sounds like quite the little personality! 🙂 The things you said remind me SO much of what Olivia was like as a baby – she was so tiny and hardly gained weight, but she made up for it in personality!! Oh, and sleeping? I sympathize in that too… At six months O was only taking one nap a day, and not for long either. Maybe Olivia cloned herself!? 🙂 I hope she sleeps long and hard this morning! xx


  2. Oh, is she ever so adorable, but sounds like a little whipper snapper! Can’t help but love ’em tho! 😉 Yes, I’m chugging coffee today too. Callie is teething. ‘Nuf said. Happy Tuesday to you!


  3. She sounds just like my daughter was! Ellie began standing up at 5 months. She began walking at 10 months too. Enjoy this precious time – it goes too quickly!


  4. Wow, what a little go-getter! It reminds me of Zachary’s baby days. And just looking at her, I can almost feel the energy in her. 🙂 It is exhausting many days, but the older he gets the more I love his energy. Hang on for the ride! 🙂 I love her expression in the second picture–so cute!


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