of girls and hoarding

Female hormones flying wild and running free.
Arguments. Wild crying. Wailing. Muchly tears.

“But we caaaan’t throw this away!”
{Really? Watch me.}

Grabbing handfuls and hiding it.
{I’ll find it some day when you’re not here.}

“She said you said she could have mine.”
{I didn’t say anything}

“But I liiiiiike it sooooo much!”
{you like everything soooo much.}

“But where will I stuff all my things?”

“But it’s not trash, it’s my favorite!”
{how many favorites can you have?}

“I thought I hid that from you”
{told you I’d find it}

“Mooooooom, he’s taking all my stuff!”
{good. not as much for me to take}

“But I don’t care if my room is too full!”
{but I do!}

In other words, we’re cleaning the hoarders bedroom and this mom is on the warpath.


Happier times last night.

To prove my point I remember writing this on FB last fall.

“Miss Reagan, it seems, has become quite a pack rat. I was reminded of that again when I “mishted” out their room the other day. An entire laundry basket, large laundry basket, FULL of her “stuff”, very full! It was everywhere, under the bed, under the dresser, in drawers, under her pillows, in the pillow case, stuffed in the closet corners, everywhere! Stuffed animals, papers, pens, pencils, toys, art projects, stones, sticks, leaves, acorns, beads, rings, necklaces, socks, blocks, pieces of material, everything! You name it, it was there.
The top of the dresser was the cream of the crop, there were little bags, bowls, containers, and anything that could hold something, full of ‘treasures.’ Back in the corner was a bowl Madison had made for an art project at school. I noticed that it was nicely covered with an old, torn piece of material, all the sides were tucked in and something was obviously being hidden in it. I lifted the material and there was a BOOT. Not just any boot, but one of Dakota’s green rubber boots that I had mowed over this fall. It was ripped to shreds, lots of pieces, chopped up, but she had arranged it so that it was all laid back together like it should be and tucked it into this bowl. I could not believe my eyes. A boot of all things, for a treasure. To say the least, there were many tears when she saw the clean room.”

In my defense, the room looked fairly clean to the naked eye.
She hides things well.


4 thoughts on “of girls and hoarding

  1. oh my goodness, I have a hoarder too, and because we are in the middle of a remodel project right now, I’m looking the other way. But the day is coming…where there may be tears too, around here!


  2. Being a hoarder myself when I was young, I am going to state my case. Please don’t get rid of most of the things you think is trash because it is her treasures. A deep resentment toward you is bound to happen between parent and child. The time will come when a child gets rid of her own trash as she grows out of that stage.


  3. oooooh, i have been in clean-out mode too! most of the time i remove things when the kids aren’t watching, and that is the best way. the not-so-good thing is that zoe has the memory of an elephant… “mom, where is that thing the neighbors gave me last christmas?” hmmmm, uh, well….! like you, lots of things get saved. but not EvErYtHiNg can be saved. πŸ™‚ it’s such a great feeling to get things cleaned out and organized!


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