I heard a song today and it struck me.
Really struck me.
What are my words saying?
What are they doing?
They are powerful.
Are they helping or hurting?
Who hears my words?
Are they words of life or just noise?
When I speak to my children, what do they hear?
My neighbors?  My friends?
The people that watch me that I don’t even notice?
Do these people hear Life? Jesus? Hope?

This song is especially powerful to me because just last night
Madison cried about something I said.
I hurt. I tore down. I didn’t build.
We talked and hopefully repaired.
I pray that I can use my words to build and not tear down,
to be Life to my children, to help them grow.

Psalm 141:3Take control of what I say, O LORD, and guard my lips.


5 thoughts on “Words

  1. What a challenge… As mothers, perhaps more words come out of our mouths than at any other time of our life. What power we hold, for life or destruction! I need this reminder…


  2. Shannon, thanks for this! That’s something I struggle with…my words come out so fast, and sometimes later I can’t believe I said it. Thankful for God’s Redemption at these moments. What you and daughter experienced can be such a positive thing…Redemption. Hugs.


  3. This song really convicts me every time I hear it. I struggle with speaking words of life to my girls. Or maybe more accurately, I struggle with NOT saying things that tear them down in the heat of the moment. 😦


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