Rainy days
Sunny beach days
Mowing lawn
Picking flowers
Watching it rain
Loud, noisy days


Running through the rain in barefeet
Days with friends
Fresh veggies
Lazy days
Rainy days


Am I overdoing the rain?
I don’t think so for this part of the country!
I’m trying to be good with it, we needed it earlier June, now we’ve got it for sure!


The other night I decided we may as well document it.
So we went out and took some pictures.


The neighbor’s cat, that currently abides here, came stalking around.
I wish he would go home but the kids don’t feel that way so they keep feeding him.


This daughter gets every drop out of life.

“If you can’t beat it, make the most of it.”
Since it was too rainy for a fire and roasting marshmallows….
a candle works instead.


She says they were good.

“Crying baby days” you could call these.
I don’t know if Little One is teething or what.
Drooling. Chewing. Crying. Runny nose. Fussing.
And a lot more!
Can’t forget 20-30 min cat naps.


We have friends and family around right now.
My SIL Lisa who has a sister living here
and her SIL Lisa who is my friend.
As they say on Facebook about relationships,
it’s complicated! 🙂
And their kidders are along.
We’re very glad they came.
Today we took a chance and hit the beach.
We got a few rays of sun before another rain storm hit!

Blogging while you have company, you ask?
Well, they aren’t here at the moment.
Since thy took the girls and Mr D is with his dad,
the house is completely quiet.
In other words, I could think for a change!

Odd fact of the day:
Someone found my blog with a google search of “gypsy kids!”
Should I be worried? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summerness

  1. I love all this Summerness! We’ve had so so much rain here too, there’s not been a beach day in weeks! The bonus is that it’s not as hot here as it normally is. 🙂 Sweet little girl that roasts marshmallows over a candle! And I didn’t miss that line about the 25-minute cap naps… wow.

    Fabulous photography!!


  2. glad you got some moments of quietness! when bebe is fussy/teething it helps to have those times doesn’t it! I love your “rain” pictures!! Something about raindrops on everything that makes it extra fun to shoot. 🙂


  3. It has been rainy day after day here, too!!! Just crazy for summer. Although I kind of like it. We have blue sky, sunny days, then a rain shower, and back to sunshine The rain is keeping the temps from getting too hot, so it’s sort of like an extra season of spring. 🙂 I love the pictures—especially the first one


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