Of Aging

The older I get, the more I realize that what I once classified as “old,”
no longer is. How is that? What happened?


As a young person, turning 16 was just like,
“Wow, finally old enough to do so many things!”
Then you hit the 20’s and life was good,
one birthday after another and nothing seemed to change
as long as there was volleyball.

All at once you hit 25.
25. Quarter of a century.
That thought was a little alarming.
But it was all still good.
25 wasn’t that old, just getting started.

26, 28, and then BAM. 30!
And I’m thinking, “How in the world did I get to 30 this fast?
Really? Someone must have tricked me.
Oh well, 30 is good, I’m still young.”

Longer ago, 30 used to be so oooooold.
It would annoy me to no end when people that age would say,
“Oh I’m still young. What are you talking about being old?”
I just wanted to tell them, “You ARE old! Just admit it!”

And then all at once that was me.
Being 30 and saying I was still young.
Give me a break tho, I felt much younger
than I ever thought they were.


Now a few more years have past,
(I have a hard time remembering how many)
and I’m gonna have another birthday soon and I’m thinking,
“So when do you really start to feel old?”
35? 40? 45?
Each age you get to leaves you thinking
“This is not so bad, not as old as I once thought it was.”
Is that called denial?
I’d rather like to think of it as being an optimist. 🙂
I’m here. I may as well enjoy it.

They say, “You are only as old as you think you are!”
Gotta say, it doesn’t take much talking to convince myself I’m still quite young,
almost a spring chicken perhaps! 🙂
What is most alarming is that 40 doesn’t seem that old after all!
Did I just say that?

So tell me, what do you consider old?



3 thoughts on “Of Aging

  1. Well, the 30’s definitely aren’t old, yet! That I do know. And some people in their 50’s that I know still don’t seem that old. So… I don’t know!


  2. my mom is one year from the age my grandmom was when she went to Heaven. It’s unreal!! Because my mom seems WWWAAAAYYY younger then my Grandmom! I think people aren’t aging like they used to. 😉 lol Aging is relevant.


  3. I talked with a man that we used to rent from today, he’s almost 80. He told me that in your mind you’re still the same age as when you were young and when you realize you can’t do things with ease and freedom like you used to, it’s confusing and frustrating. So I’m guessing that’s how you know when you’re getting old. Your body just doesn’t do what it used to do despite your best efforts! ha.

    And you’re right about the definition of “old” changing as you age!


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