Grandma’s Love

Grandma’s are the best.
They love their little people in a way that no one else can.
They give hugs, kisses, and have lots of time.
They read books and tell stories,
go on walks and fix snacks.
They give gifts and spoil little people.
They feel sorry for little hearts that hurt.
They love.

Ever since the ducks died,
Grandma has been feeling sorry for Reagan.
Today the UPS man came before Reagan was even out of bed.
He brought a little gift from Grandma for her.


It was a storybook with 6 stories in it.
One was about the little duck.
A boy found an egg by the pond and hatched it.
A little duck named Henry was born
and we read the story and watched him grow.

Reagan just smiled and smiled.
She can read now and is very tickled with her new book.
She took it upstairs after she looked at it
and put it with her many, many treasures that she keeps.
She is happy!

Thank you Mom, for loving my little girl.

If you missed the duck stories, they are here and here.


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