Of Frogs and Such

We’ve graduated from ducks
to frogs, worms and all such things.
The worms preferred that their photo
not be broadcast on the www
so we’ll try to honor that.

Sister is teaching brother
how to hold things like this
and he doesn’t want to have
anything to do with it.
Says it’s scarey!
I think we’ve got this a little
turned around here.

Yes, Mr Frog is as terrified as he looks.
he hopped away multiple times
but was always caught before he got far.
He has since been returned to the wild
and all is good.


We obviously don’t comb hair either.


One thought on “Of Frogs and Such

  1. It’s too funny how much her and Elaina are alike in some things! Elaina loves anything to do with animals, bugs, frogs, etc. She is forever more catching frogs and lizards and she used to catch crickets and worms too. Connor will play with frogs but that is about it.


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