Tales of Teachers and Ducks

And there came a day when the daughters of Eric, son of Dan,
were old enough to receive an education.
They were in need of someone to teach them,
to instruct them and promote growth to their young minds.

This was to be a great education to be exact,
for not just anything would do for the daughters of Eric, son of Dan.
And so it came to be that they were enrolled into the school of choice,
seeing as this school employed high quality teachers.

Soon came the day that the eldest ventured out into the great wide world
and began to attended school day after day.
As the weeks passed, she fell in love with her beloved teacher.
From here forward, this teacher could do or say no wrong,
no matter what the parents of this child might say,
the teacher was always right in the eyes of the child.
And so it was.

A year passed and we began the second year of schooling.
Late into this school term, the eldest daughter came home
with much excitement bubbling forth for so it would seem,
this beloved teacher was going to buy eggs and hatch chicks for them all.
The child’s mother was not bubbling forth with excitement over this news.

And so with much ado, the incubation of the chicks began.
Day after day we were graced with many details of these happenings.
And it came to pass that the chicks were hatched,
2 for each student.
The chicks were lavished upon greatly by teacher and children alike
until one day the beloved teacher tired of caring for stinky chicks.
The message was sent home to all parents,
“Go into the towns around and buy cages and chick food and prepare,
for the chicks will be arriving at your houses any day!”
And so it was.

But lo, this mother who loathes chicks and all things smelly,
did not prepare properly, much to her daughter’s dismay.
After arriving home from school,
2 chicks were sent away to the dungeon of the house.
Soon it became too much for one and he fell into a great of depression,
and shortly there after, took his own life.
“One chick,” said the skeeming mother, “will be lonely.
We must needs give it away to another student with 2 chicks.”
And so it was,
much to the dismay of the the eldest child.

Now it came to pass that the 2nd daughter of Eric, son of Dan
reached the age of education and was sent to the same school.
As before, Miss Beloved Teacher was there to welcome her
and taught her a great many things through out the year.
So it was that the 2nd daughter loved her teacher, just as much as the first.
“What a wonderful teacher,” thought the mother,
who had long forgotten the chicks.

But there came a day, one of great excitement and shouting with joy,
that the children of Eric arrived home from school
to inform their mother of a new project.
So it would seem this beloved teacher
had once again taken it upon herself
to buy eggs and produce more feathered friends for the children.
But it was not to be just any eggs,
these were special,
for there were ducks inside.

After days of turning eggs, much ado,
talking and regaling of egg tales,
they were hatched.
Oh joy of joys, there were ducks,
teacher and children were happy.
Much dancing and laughing occurred at the thought of owning ducks,
all the while the mother’s of those children were groaning within.

Now this mother, although being much wiser this time,
still prepared nothing for when the ducks would arrive.
And there came the day, much to her dismay,
that the second daughter arrived home
with the sons of Mr & Mrs Quack.

Since the wife of Eric, mother of his children, did nothing to prepare,
the daughter filled the little blue pool with water.
After placing her hand in the water,
she declared it much too cold for her precious ducks
because the most beloved teacher had proclaimed that ducks
only enjoy warm water.
One can only imagine what happened next.
The mother was called upon to carry 5 gallon buckets
filled with warm water from the bathtub
for the enjoyment of the ducks.
And for a short period of time,
life was grand while the ducks merrily swam.

Now the tribe of Eric, son of Dan,
has recently become the caretakers of the neighbor’s stray cat.
As all wise ones know,
cats and ducks are not usually on friendly terms
so much care was given to the guarding of ducks from said Cat.
Cat alternated between stalking the ducklings
and slinking away when they quacked.
The daughter, much concerned for the fate of her ducks,
tied a string around Cat’s neck
and the string to the porch railing
and resumed normal life.

It came to pass at a later time
that the mother of the tribe of Eric,
made her way from the dungeon and to her amazement
heard a sound unlike ever heard before.
Much howling, squalling and screeching was coming from the back porch.
Upon investigating, the mother flew into a frenzied state of panic
at the sight of Cat nigh near strangling to death
due to the rope being tied around his neck.
Much will be left unsaid of the frantic events that followed,
suffice to say that all is well with Cat and ducks at the present time.

The ducks it would seem, leave great droppings all around
and cause much grief with smells, sounds and Cat.
The mother of tribe of Eric has been left to tend to these feathered fowls
while her daughters attend school with their beloved teacher.
Many thoughts crossed the mother’s mind today
while she filled the little blue pool with cold water
and swept away droppings of all kind.
So without farther ado,
Pete and Polo Duck will soon be finding their way
to the a fore mentioned neighbor’s pond
where they may swim in peace
with nary a sign of Cat to be seen.

The teacher remains much beloved by her students.
And with chicks and ducks put out of sight and mind,
the mother of the tribe of Eric, loves this teacher too,
for she does a wonderful job of educating little minds.

In the end,
since this mother teaches her children to be honest,
she must be too, and say
she is very glad that there will no more ducks or chicks
in the near future of her children.


 Follow the ongoing Duck saga here.


6 thoughts on “Tales of Teachers and Ducks

  1. This is just too funny! We have the same kind of mother here, but fortunately, the children’s Daddy loves animals and we live on a farm, so it works out okay. We just hatched 14 baby chicks and oh, the smell! In my school room!


  2. This is hysterical! What could be more fun than live ducks in a swimming pool. 😉 You know, my biggest problem with animals is that they don’t stay cute and baby-sized. They just grow up and make huge messes and loud sounds. I hope the mother of Eric has a looong time until Dakota goes to first grade. 🙂


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