Baby Talk

“Knock, Knock, Anyone there?”


“It’s me, just letting you know that I’m getting bigger.
I’m growing.
I know most of you are not happy if you’re growing.
Like if you’re gaining weight and that kind of thing.
Me? I’m happy to do that.
I eat all the time.
Every 2 hours I yell if Mom doesn’t get my bottle around fast enough.
I’ll eat till it’s all and most times I want more but she won’t give me more.
You know, belly aches, throwing up and that kind of thing.”


“Today I went to the Dr for check up.
They weighed mom and she groaned.
Then they weighed me and I kicked and smiled.
I weighed 10lbs and 5oz.
That’s pretty good for 2 months old, don’t you think?
I must have had a little bit of a slow start because my brother weighed 16 lbs when he was this age.
Just wait, I’ll catch up with him one of these days.”

“I am 23 inches long and my Dr said, “Wow.”
He thinks I’m gonna be tall.
Mom said she hopes not too tall.
I don’t really care, as long as I get food.”


“My sister took this picture. She thinks it’s fun.
I just wanted to be held.
It’s my favorite, next to eating.”

“I just drank another bottle and am ready for my nap now so I’m gonna go.”

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