Raining Tears

Once again we face the dawn of a new day,
a sad dreary day here.
The skies rain down tears, along with our hearts.
A Church family and friends are preparing to say their last goodbyes.
Goodbye to a wife, mother and grandmother,
not to mention, sister and friend.

She lived a good life…
Full of love and happiness, mixed with the usual sorrows life brings.
She was one of the most cheerful people you’ll ever meet.
Always smiling, always talking, always happy, always giving.
She had a heart of gold and wanted to do something for everyone.
If someone needed food, she was there.
She loved to cook, loved to give, loved to help.

She loved her family so very much.
Always willing to share the latest on what was happening.
Reminisce about her daughter, she had a memory to share.
Ask about a granddaughter, she had a story from yesterday.
Ask about a son, she would shine with love for what he had done for her.
Given the opportunity, she would take an entire Sunday school period
talking about the ones she loved best.
And we would smile.

Life brought a lot of health problems her way as she grew older,
but she didn’t let them get her down.
You never heard her complain,
instead she would tell you what all she has to be thankful for.
She spent her last day in the hospital
and when asked about going to see Jesus,
she clapped her hands in delight.
After sleeping most of her last evening,
she awoke and told of the most beautiful music she had heard.
She was so happy to be going to see her Jesus.

In my heart I know that Orpha is rejoicing with the angels this morning
praising her Jesus, hugging her daughter and grandchildren.
She is happy, she is free.
No more pain, no more heartache.
Although we will miss her, we can’t wish her back
because I am sure
she is beaming with joy to finally be HOME.


5 thoughts on “Raining Tears

  1. I don’t even know her, but this is one of the most beatutiful tributes I’ve ever read! I want to be like her, because she loved her Jesus, and loved the people around her so well…


  2. very sweet. and that title makes me feel teary eyed in and of itself.. it’s been raining here that way alot lately too. oh, how my heart longs for heaven!

    love your new blog too. so fresh!


  3. I don’t know you but found your blog thru someone elses. My husband is one of Mel’s nephews. I was so blessed and challenged reading your wonderful tribute. We didn’t see Orpha very often but when we did she was so cheerful and friendly, always showing genuine interest in us.


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