Friday Photo Dump

Random photos from my phone.

7 2.  8

 Alphabet train. Wish I knew how many times we’ve put that thing together.
2. Sometimes Sweet Pea goes to sleep before she’s done eating. We can do anything we want and she just keeps right on sleeping!

Lovely daffodils blooming along our lane. They are in shock from 80* yesterday to 40* today.

Breakfast from Ben, thanks to his mom. 🙂

The girls went on an errand with Eric the other night and managed a pit stop at the greenhouse for flower pickings. There were 2 happy girls, thanks to Travis! They filled 2 pans with water and arranged all the blooms in them.

18  2. 9
Summer, please come quickly!! We want to take her swimming!
2. Great Aunt Carolyn reminiscing about her days with her twins. Only hers had red hair and were wearing blue.

A wonderful day with friends.

Just keepin’ it real! As you can see, I tried to make bread that day and everything else went to pot!

Yay! Sweet Pea is tired!

Mr. D decided to go swimming the other day in 60* weather. He laid out first, then decided to go diving and was shocked speechless with the freezing cold rain water. After ordering a 5 gal bucket of hot water, he swam for 5 minutes and was done.

This is what you do after you let your Bosch crawl off the counter.
It works.
Anyone have a bowl I can buy?

The stray cat that refuses to leave. I call him Jack. Anyone want him?


Mr. D makes quite a fashion statement with the new glasses these days.

Her Highness was mad one morning at breakfast so she built a wall with cereal boxes so she wouldn’t have to look at anyone.

He’s teaching her young.


9 thoughts on “Friday Photo Dump

  1. The little cheek squeeze pictures is SO adorable. I always loved to squeeze my baby’s cheeks like that. 🙂 And the photo dump is so fun – I love the wide assortment of pictures! And I know I’ve said it before, but I really like your new blog!


  2. A friend of mine ruined her bosch by letting some liquid of some sort run out of the blender down into the motor (or something like that 🙂 ) and they sent her a replacement free of charge. I can’t remember if she had to pay shipping. But I think I would check into it if I were you.


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