Outside my window…

green leaves popping
brilliant yellow forsythia bush
wild rabbits hopping
birds building nests
a black and white stray cat that insists on becoming our cat.

I am looking forward….

to warmer weather
school ending
the smell of newly mowed lawns
a day with friends tomorrow (but not the dentist app in the afternoon)
celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection on Sunday with my church family

I am thinking…

it’s a good thing I’m baking cookies I don’t really like
how my baby’s eyes always pop open as soon as we get to the crib
that my 3 year old needs less electronics in his life
I wish the sun would shine
how hard it is to go through hard things with your children
that these cookies I’m making won’t taste quite like his mom’s
that I need to pay her to make cookies for us

I am thankful…

for grace, forgiveness and mercy that is new every morning.
where would I be without it?
a husband by my side for all things I face

I am listening…

to little boy chatter
a million questions
the washer running
baby noises

In the kitchen…

cookies waiting to be baked
lots of dishes wanting to be washed
a dishwasher full of clean ones
and no clue what to make for supper

One of my favorite things…

quietness… I know it sounds trivial but when there just isn’t a lot of something, you almost crave it. On Sat a friend took my children for a few hours and it was so quiet here it was almost ringing in my ears. I crave silence sometimes, just me, myself and my thoughts.

A picture…


my brother and I, a very long time ago!


3 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. You look just like Reagan i think! still adore her name. Always wanted a girl, Reagan, but then hubby started working for a guy named Reagan, and after 7 years w/ him, well, it just seemed like a guy name. Happy spring!


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