Baby days (and nights)

Those days following the birth of a baby,
those blurry days,
eyes heavy from lack of sleep,
peering out through half shut lids.

Those early, early mornings
when you hear squeaking coming from the crib,
yet again.
You stagger over, gather up baby, change the diaper with your eyes closed,
get a bottle, and aim for that little fish mouth.
Sit on the chair and let your head fall…
back or forward, either works.
Occasionally you jerk awake and glance down to see if she’s done.
Nope, it’s only been 20 minutes.

Oh, she’s finished, pat, pat, burp and you head back to the crib.
Snuggle her in and with eyes half shut
you sway back to your bed and fall in beside your snoring husband.

Record breaking seconds later you are sound asleep.

10 minutes later
Squeak, squeak, waaaaaa.

Back over, snuggle, pacifier, pat, pat.
She sleeps.
Stagger back to your warm bed.

A few hours later, repeat above process.

Beep. Beep. Beep.
Really? Already? How can it be?

Groan your way to the bathroom.
Out to the kitchen.
Coffee. Please.
Realize with a start that it truly is possible to make coffee with only one eye half open and a half functioning brain.
Sip, sip.
Pack lunches.
Wake girls.
Eat, eat. Hurry, hurry. Out the door.
Awww, just to sleep again.
But no, it’s not to be
because back in the bedroom is
squeak, squeak, waaaa.

Sweet Pea is awake again!

Yeah, these are the days!


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