Blue Skies Pink

Those silver linings I talked about in the last post…
are now blue skies.

On Sunday, Feb 24 we welcomed a little pink bundle into the world.

She was full of surprises.

She came a day before her due date! And that was all good!! Who can complain about not going over due?

My biggest surprise was the fact that she was a girl. I’m not sure why, but with each of my kids I’ve just kinda had an intuition about what I was having. This pregnancy was so much like Dakota’s that I was just sure I was having a boy. I think I asked them twice or more if they are sure it’s a girl! πŸ™‚

The next surprise was her weight. I always had big babies, upper 7 and 8 pounders, they weighed her and someone said, “6lbs 14oz. 19 and a quarter of an inch!” I was like, “What? Are you sure she’s mine?” She seems so so tiny compared to my others. I never buy newborn clothes, just start them out in 0-3 months and this poor child was just swallowed up in the clothes she wore home from the hospital. πŸ™‚ We had to round up some newborn things and there is still plenty of room in those.

Everyone, meet Kennedy Grace.

“Hello bright, cold, new world. I don’t really like you!”

A little bit of bonding time with Daddy! I think he was feeling a wee bit sorry for Dakota that he didn’t get a brother, but I also know that this just may be a spoiled little girl till it’s all over.

And some Mommy time!
She came back from her bath and they said she was cold so they snuggled her down for some Kangaroo Care and she went right to sleep.

The big sisters showed up for their sneak peek. Madison really really wanted a brother for Dakota but once she saw Kennedy, she almost cried. She said, “I’m so glad she’s a girl!” The big thing about having a brother for Dakota was the fact that they are tired of playing “boy” games like wrestling, fighting, guns, and things like that! πŸ™‚ They wanted someone for him to play with so Kennedy just might be a tom-boy!

Dakota seemed completely thrilled with her. He kept asking, “Is this our baby to take home?” After a few minutes of holding her, he was more interested in watching cartoons and making the bed go up and down!

My thoughts in that 2nd photo, “Do I really have 4 kids?”

And then there were 6!

Monday we had a relaxing day bonding with baby before it was time to go home!

Big brother was waiting for her!
And Grandma came a few hours later.

So far she has been a model baby. Eats and sleeps. The first 2 nights at home left a lot to be desired but last night more then made up for it. She slept for 3 hours at a time, ate in about 15 min and was back to sleep again.

Grandma and Mr D gave her a bath the other day! She didn’t appreciate it much but he was thrilled to watch.

Some time with the males in the house.

And today Grandma and Mr D are on the road so it’s quiet and peaceful around here. Baby eats and snoozes and we rock and cuddle.

In the end, we’re thanking God for a sweet new bundle of love.


22 thoughts on “Blue Skies Pink

  1. I had a sister older and a brother younger than myself and growing up it was my brother that I was close to and we did everything together and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Brother-sister relationships can be pretty cool too.  I think it is so neat how God knows just what each of us needs in our lives.  I hope they have as much fun growing up together as my borther and I did!   -Ris


  2. So happy for you, Shannon!  I know about that double take when you think, “Do I really have __  children now?!!    I always wish certain genders for people and feel bad when the expectations aren’t met, but it’s so neat that God forms each baby for a special purpose and they’re the best of HiS plan.   I agree with ^^^.  You’re looking very, very good.   Wishing you days (and nights) of joy.


  3. I love the pic just above the bath pic. She already looks different!  I didn’t think about it before that we have the same order as you. I remember wishing for a boy for Trevor, but I’m glad Brooke isn’t a rambunctious boy or who knows what our life would be like?


  4. she is SUCH a little honey! so very happy for you that she is here in your arms! Love her name too!i know what you mean about being surprised cuz you thought you knew and my fourth was also smaller than all my others. i chalk it up to this ol’ girl ain’t what she used to be. ;)you really look great Shannon. as tiny as you looked in that one picture you posted of your bump, i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. you hide pregnancy quite well!!enjoy that sweet girl and may the recovery go really well!


  5. Aw, she’s just so cute, and I’m sure you are loving her to bits.  I bet she does seem so tiny to you if you were used to big babies.  Dakota’s happiness is too cute.   It’s funny how we spend months preparing and preparing for a baby then that first family is always so happy, and, yes, kind of a shock.  I have this many kids?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚  I hope with your mom there you can rest up and enjoy her all day. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚  I’m so happy for you!!


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