Of Nesting and Other Things

Did you have  nesting urges when you were pregnant?

(Men, you can stop reading now and go on to another interest) 🙂

I’m trying decide if I nest or not.
I seriously want to get this house Spring cleaned before I have the baby but that was in the plan since Fall, not necessarily nesting urges as of now. I guess I should say the original plan was to FALL clean and skip the Spring cleaning part… but due to a lot of procrastination on the part of the pregnant woman, there was no Fall cleaning. So now with much huffing and puffing, I’m getting it done. I only have 2 rooms left.

I never considered myself an ultra picky house keeper but neither do I like clutter and dirt everywhere so I try to give it a good cleaning every week. (or so)
Well, the other night my phone dropped off the bed and I had to get down and look underneath and behind it…
Oh. my. word.
I can’t move the bed and I can safely say it’s been awhile since I cleaned under there.
Suffice to say we are not only sleeping with dust bunnies, but full grown rabbits! 
That room is next on the list!

While I was thinking about this nesting thing I read Kelle Hampton’s post on nesting and had to laugh.
I’m pretty sure I’m not this extreme. 🙂


Since you asked, I had Madison take a photo the other morning.
This was at 4 weeks to go, we are s-l-o-w-l-y edging toward 3 weeks now.

Not the best photograph I’ve ever had done but it will work for you to see the reason for the huffing and puffing.

On to other things…

If you have a boy, buy him a bag of pinto beans and get out the trucks and tractors.
Dakota and I had to do a run to the local grocery store the other week. I thought he was following me down the aisle, but I turned around to check just to be sure.
He was, only he had a bag of Pinto beans tucked under his arm as he marched along behind me.
We bought them and he’s had a lot of fun with them.
Scooping, bulldozing, loading.

I don’t think we’ll be eating them after this.
Well, Reagan may cook herself up a pot to eat with some salt, but I’m pretty sure the rest of us will decline any.

He loves playing with them, my only requirement is that they stay on the kitchen floor.
There is nothing worse then hearing them ping off the table or having them all over the carpet.


Ohio is living up to all it’s been known for today.
70* on Tue.
20* on Thurs.

We’ve got the candles burning, brownies baking and anything else to try and shake this disbelief of a weather system! I know, it’s January after all and suppose to be cold, but this feels extreme after Tuesday.

Hope you have a warm and cozy day in this blustery weather!


9 thoughts on “Of Nesting and Other Things

  1. While “spring” cleaning my kitchen I found a bag of split peas I had gotten for a project. Dumped them into a foil pan and Dani and Landon have had hrs of fun with them. 🙂   Wish  was down to 2 rooms left. 😦


  2. Beans would be easier to sweep up than rice, I bet. I should try that.  Liam loooooves to play with rice.  I try to keep it on a cookie sheet, but it’s always overflowing the edges. 🙂  And yep, I had serious nesting urges while pregnant.  With Adam, David finally told me I’m going to wear the surfaces right off the stuff.  I’d come home from prayer meeting and start dusting.  I hope you get done!  It’s such a good feeling to be done and have a sparkling clean house with a new baby.  Can’t wait to hear baby news!


  3. I finally bought a big shallow tote w/ a lid and filled it 1/3 to 1/2 full of corn and beans. My children have all played with it a lot. I dumped in a cup or so of macaroni’s and my girls loved sorting them out…..and then putting them back in again. Ahh, fun! Happy nesting and you look absuolutely tiny for as close as you are to your due date! I was lucky like that, too. It feels huge to the momma, though.:)


  4. whoa whoa whoa!!!! THREE weeks to go??? you look barely three weeks along!!!! so tiny girl. oh my word. hoping these last weeks fly by – your nest is all fluffed and ready – and that sweet one is in your arms in no time. hugs.


  5. shannon! you look amazing! so tiny. it’s hard to believe that you have such big babies…and this is your fourth. it sounds like there’s a bit of nesting going on …you busy cleaning lady you! i wish you the best these last weeks of pregnancy…and a smooth l&d.


  6. You’re looking good but definitely don’t look like you have 3 weeks to go!  D looks like he’ll be busy having fun for quite awhile with those beans 🙂  Isn’t it amazing how little things like that can keep them occupied for hours?


  7.  Are you even joking me, that was at 4 weeks pregnant, right, not 4 weeks left to go? Unbelieveable. You are the tiniest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen!! PLEASE tell me your tricks! :)And nesting… oh boy, I sure do remember those days! 🙂 It seems there is dirt to be found around every corner, and organizing just HAS to be done THIS MINUTE. It’s the craziest thing. 🙂 But wow, does it ever get stuff done!Pinto beans and tractors… that is just THE greatest idea. I am going to have to remember that one. He sure is a cutie!Hope these last few weeks go well for you! Can’t wait to hear the news! 🙂


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