The One Where She Blogs of Random Things…

…instead of cleaning.
Instead of sewing.
Instead of napping likes she wants to.
Instead of researching some things for her girls.

Wait a minute, did I hear napping? Did someone say napping?
Speaking of napping, I could do that all the time right now.
Only 5 weeks left to grow this baby, and then all thoughts of napping fly out the window so perhaps I should do this while I have the chance.
Only the 3 year old I live with thinks naps should be outlawed.
Why is it when we’re suppose to sleep, we don’t want to.
When we want to, we can’t.
That is usually applied to little kids but at the moment it applies to me.
I lay wide awake at night and then yawn all the next day.

{Hard to believe he turned 3 in Nov}

At the present moment he is on the table scooping, loading and hauling pinto beans with his trucks and tractors. I heard a bunch ping on the floor and he says,
“Beep, beeeep. Mom, come. I want these cleaned up RIGHT NOW! Beep, beeeeep. Now! Or you’re gonna get in trouble!”
Wonder where he hears things like that?


Christmas was a grand affair of a week spent at Grandma’s.
There was food for the multitudes.
Talking, laughter and lots of good times.
Plenty of presents stacked over their heads thanks to Grandma.
Just nothing like being spoiled.

It was a snowy week, unlike most Christmas times in Indiana.
We were housebound a lot of the week.
Well, I use the word “we” loosely, applying it mainly to the women since the guys just plow through anything with their jeeps, who cares if the ladies can’t leave.

There is just nothing like Home!


We finally made it home, only to be struck with the dreaded illness of the flu.
It was the 2nd week off of school and I had told Eric that I would just love to stay at home, lay around, wearing pajamas, doing nothing all week.
Whadayaknow! I got my wish. Just not the way I thought!
I spent a week on the couch or in bed. Miserable stuff.

{I wanna be just like my Daddy}

During that week, Eric and Dakota both took a turn with it too.
Thankfully the girls managed to escape it.


Hostetler Christmas happened this past weekend when Bethany finally came home.

These guys almost cannot wait to get a new set of jammies from Grandma every year.
You would think they were the only ones they have to wear!


As I mentioned before, 5 weeks left before this bebe arrives.
How can it be the shortest and looooongest 9 months of your life?
I just want to feel normal again. Only sadly, I’ll never know normal as I once knew it.
Lots of changes coming up for this little family.
I debated putting a picture on of the ever growing hippo belly but decided against it.
Come see me instead.


Hopefully she’ll blog again before 4 more months are up.


14 thoughts on “The One Where She Blogs of Random Things…

  1. Shannon!!! you’re alive!!! ;)so good to see you posting here. i’m so sorry you had the flu! being pregnant and sick? awful stuff!it makes me chuckle to see Dan and Carol and all those grandkids! seems like yesterday their kids were those ages! and, i love the jammies. my mom does that for all the grandkids too and it’s a HUGE hit! yes, please stick your head in again if you can. and, if not, i understand. hope the next weeks go well and can’t wait to hear/see your news!!


  2. that jammie pick is adorable.and your house looks like my house – all white!! :)) i can’t believe you have only 5 wks left. the shortest AND longest months of your life – so true!! praying these last ones pass quickly and that little one is in your arms soon!


  3. we should do a baby picture together, you would feel great! I am sure my belly is DOUBLE this size of yours. That is so odd how differently women carry, I simply am not lucky in that department. But that’s okay……I feel blessed otherwise. :)) nice to see a post again, I went 3 months and thought that was awful. it’s harder to post when you stay away for awhile, you feel like a stranger……somehow. only 5 more weeks! so happy for you. why does time go so much faster when it is someone else? you said it, the shortest and longest 9 months.


  4. Fun to hear from you.Is the brown house in the snow yours or your parents’?  Wasn’t sure which Home it was.  I want to see the hippo belly!  All the best, Shannon, in the next weeks.  Enjoy….!


  5. What cute kids all in their jammies!  How fun that they look forward to them so much!  That’s quite the snow you got!  A pretty picture of your house in it.Blessing to you and hope you have a wonderful weekend and can get lots of rest 🙂 


  6. that little brown house in the winter wonderland looks like a cozy place i’d pick to live. did you grow up there? your christmas with family sounded fun. and the new pj’s group pic is cute. especially your little man’s expression! hilarious! and did you make his cake? such a perfect boy cake! love it.wishing you the best these last few weeks. looking forward to hearing the arrival news!


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