Of Family

Family time. Reunion.
Fun. Laughing. Talking. Arguing.
Being with those who know you best.
That’s what this last weekend was.

We were together with my Dad’s family and had a grand time.
My aunt organized games, Olympics and all kinds of stuff to do.
I think the oldest to the youngest enjoyed it.
Well, among the youngest there may have been a bear or two that didn’t have a good day, but for the most part, we all had fun.

Have you ever went on a photo scavenger hunt?
We divided up into groups and each group had a paper with a list of photos and points to go with each one. Team with the most points, wins. We had 2 hours to go wherever we pleased, take photos from the list and be back to see who won and check out each others photos.

A few of the things listed to photograph were…
Your entire group jumping into the air… 400pts
(epic failure on our team! It’s a lot harder then it looks)
Picture of your entire group in a bathtub…200pts
A pyramid of 5 people…300pts
Buy $5 of gas.  A photo of the pump and a receipt…700pts
(these days, that is hard too!)

Entire team in front of an ice cream truck licking ice cream…1,500pts
Spell a word with your bodies…200pts

Team members being pushed in a shopping cart… 500pts per person.
(we just asked this random guy to push us) 🙂
Team member leading another member crawling with a leash thru the store… 700pts
(trust me, we were not in the middle of the store for these photos) 🙂

She had 20 things on the list and we missed one of the highest pointers.
Picture of someone inside a police car with handcuffs on… 1,500pts
A team member eating a doughnut with a policeman in uniform… 600pts
(where are the cops when you need them?) 🙂

It was fun racing around town and finding all these things.
Try it sometime.

After lunch we had Stoll Olympics.
We all had to pin our Olympic tags on our clothes to show which team we were on.

We threaded a spoon on a string thru our clothes to the end of the line and then all the way back.
We emptied buckets of water with a sponge.
Threw all our shoes in a pile and raced to see who got theirs all back on first.

There were wheelbarrow races, much laughter and fun.

A side note, when you’re in the wheelbarrow and your husband is blindfolded, it doesn’t do any good to point and yell, “GO that way!!” 🙂

The 2 little brown bears of the weekend.
Dakota was recovering from a 24 hr sickness and just wasn’t himself.
(not that he ever likes crowds of people)
Bryce was just being a normal 11 month old and wanted his mom.
We’ll blame it on his teeth. That can always be the problem till they get all their teeth. 🙂

We ended the day celebrating 60 years with Dad.

Lots of cousins and friends came to join the family and I think he enjoyed it. 🙂

It was a full fast and fun weekend but I’m glad we took the time to go.
Family time is always worth it.


13 thoughts on “Of Family

  1. o what a fun post. So much happiness. Love, love the scavenger hunt idea sounds/looks like SO much fun. I may have to get some of the fine details from you some time, its always a challenge having FUN STUFF to do when my family comes home for Christmas.  


  2. That looks like so much fun!  I’ve done photo scavenger hunts before and they are hysterical!  I’ve look at the “spell a word with bodies” picture several times and I still can’t tell what it says!


  3. What a fun time! The scavenger hunt WITH pictures is such a great idea. I’ve been on some before without pictures, but it seems like pictures afterward would just set people to  howling. 🙂


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