Fall Thankfulness

chilly mornings
pumpkin cookies
leaves floating down

laundry flapping in the slight breeze
my house finally warmed up to 65*
the smell of pumpkin in the air…
(thanks to a candle, not my cooking)

yellow mustard bouquets on my table
a little boy riding bike on the porch dressed in pajamas, a jacket and cowboy boots
hot chocolate for little girls before school
sunshine coming in the window
time with family and friends

blue skies
good books
comfy chairs on a front porch with a blanket
changing of the leaves

a house hidden by leaves for just a little longer
healthy children
a hard working husband

a little girl “laying out” in the chilly air yesterday
chats with friends
family time coming up
a sneaky little boy who hides with the “hi-pod”
a God who is good!

What’s on your thankful list today?


14 thoughts on “Fall Thankfulness

  1. I came over to your site on recommendation.  What a fun list!  I’ve been noticing I haven’t been very grateful and was just thinking I need to make a list.  I’d say cool mornings, a wonderful nights sleep, and friends are what comes to mind at the moment for my list. 🙂


  2. On my thankfulness list today is a good cup of coffee and graham cracker toffee 🙂  Lovely pictures Shannon!  You make me a little envious though… it will still be another 3 or 4 weeks before we really start to feel fall.  Thanks for sharing a little taste with us 🙂  Have a great weekend!


  3. You seem to be as high on fall as I am right now.  And feeling in the mood to post.  🙂  I love the photos and the mind picture of your son in pjs and cowboy boots.  I’m thankful for cosmos, bright yellow trees, golden wheat fields, chilly mornings and warm afternoons, and yet another Sunday to hike or picnic.  Happy Friday to you.


  4. after a weekend away at the True Woman conference in Indianapolis, I’m just so thankful for God, His Word, and the way He woos me to Him. Also so very thankful to my husband who cheerfully sent me away and kept the home fires burning.


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