And there came a day when she thought to herself,
“I need to blog.”
And the thoughts continued as in,
“What’s that anymore? What do I write? No one will read it it’s been so long!”
So she pushed it off until the next day.

And the next and the next day came and went, and she wrote nothing.
Until a thought happened,
“If you don’t stop cleaning and go do it right now, you’ll never get it done!”

So she laid aside her cleaning and sat down to write while the crummy floor stared back at her.
While her 2 year old sipped her water and shoveled salsa all over his food and himself.
While the windows sparkled around their dirt, she determined to do better at this.
And so we’ll see if she can.


Most of you already know this,
but a few clues as to the last few months of our life.
Lots of time on the recliner or in bed.
Plenty of gagging over small things like brushing ones teeth.
Moaning and groaning at the ocean inside.
Wanting to eat, not knowing what to eat, looking at food and then not being able to eat.
Memory lapses.
Time in front of the computer was next to nothing.
Coffee repulses at the mere thought of sipping.
And so we have precious cargo that awaits…

Things are getting better, one can only pray that it doesn’t get worse.
We’re in this for the long haul it seems.
My wild child told her teacher that it will be 2 years until we have the baby.

The summer was wild.
Swimming classes.
And now school.

Since the girls both go to school this year, it’s just me and Mr D and we have a jolly good time at home!

Reagan is in first grade, the first day she came home and said with a sigh,
“I wish we could stay till midnight!”
Her teacher didn’t think so!


Fall is fast approaching.
With the cool air comes pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, and it has me wishing for some Pumpkin Cookies!
I think I’ll make some if I ever get my cleaning done.
Or there’s always tomorrow for something like that too.
Today, go show some love.


8 thoughts on “Life

  1. Bless your heart Shannon!  That baby sickness is such a tough thing to go through.  I never got even close to gagging, but just that yucky nasty feeling.  Baby is so worth it though.  I know you know that.  Glad you posted again. . . I’ve been so lax in blogging too, but am hoping to get a little more active again. ??  Happy weekend to you…and happy pumpkin-ing!


  2. it’s SHANNON! hey girl, glad that you blogged instead of cleaning. the efforts at posting will last longer than any sweeping up ever will.  it’s why i say i like yard work. ha. it’s the only thing i do that lasts about a week!your pregnancy annoucement is just darling. all these way cool and new ideas that my friends have make me wish that i was having another—almost. 🙂 i am so sorry that you get so sick. i know how hard that is. and love what your wild child said! lol. it feels like two years somedays!happy fall and school days to you all.


  3. Oh, I LOVE this line: the windows sparkled around their dirt. That’s just great! I think I may use it sometime. 🙂 Reagan is so funny. And she also looks so grown up on that school picture! Great post!


  4. Congratulations on another sweet blessing. I hope you feel better soon. Love that pumpkin stuff, too. Funny, I was just thinking about making some of those pumpkin cookies again myself. Ooh, la,la, they are yummy! Your girls look SO grown up!


  5. big congrats shannon on the new baby! so wonderful. and what a sweet announcement. so happy for you, and hoping the sickness will get better soon and you’re able to blog more.. i mean, get those windows cleaned!!! ;)) no. actually, REST! take care. blogging and dirty windows will ALWAYS be there. but growing little babies is precious and eternal and needs every ounce of energy and attention. big hugs girl!! 


  6. I loved hearing from you again.  And the window line IS fun. 🙂  You know what’s funny?  I think when I don’t hear from people for so long I’m more anxious to read what they have to say.  When I post a lot is when I wonder if anyone is reading it.  But you think no one will read you because it’s been too long?  I doubt it.So, so sorry about feeling sick with pregnancy.  I’ve been so spoiled/blessed.  I hardly know a thing about that.  Take care and nurture that little life. 


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