Mini Cinnamon Rolls

This is in reference to the last item on the list from my last post.

These guys, these delicious luscious little itty bitty guys!

Stop what you are doing and make them now.
If you hurry your kids won’t be home from school yet and you can eat a whole bunch for yourself. Then when they come home, smile sweetly and hand them each one. They will love you. (and never know you ate 7 before they got in the door)

If you don’t believe me that they are good, ask the ladies that were here Tue morning how many they each ate. 😀 I’ll never tell on them. Who was counting anyway? I certainly couldn’t keep up.

They are best warm, like out of the oven warm and melting with frosting.
Ask me how I know, cause I pulled the trick with my company that I told you to do with your kids. 😀
The company got the ones that were warmed up later, they were good but couldn’t be as good as those first few. (or 7).

I did make a few extra to feed my school girls and Eric before they left.
One roll of crescents I had pinched all together to make a big square and then I baked those in a reg muffin tin. Eric thought the bigger ones were better because they were more moist. Since it took my awhile to do all the mini’s, I might do them that way next time to save time. (then I have to cut back on the number I eat!) 🙂 Those mini’s are too easy to pop into your mouth!

Recipe here.
Make them!

Note: This is her photo, not mine because my kitchen was a total chaotic mess while I made them.



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