We just spent 10 days in the sunny south…
the most wonderful time of the year.
Or was it?
At least the kids think so.

I’m telling you, vacation with kids is hardly vacation.
At least for the mom. (and the dad)
But the kids, oh yes the kids, they would move there.
Life would be grand.
We would go to the beach.
The pool.
The playground.
Eat out.
No work.
And live happily ever after.

But it was good while it lasted this year.
My children are old enough to handle themselves, no baby crying on my hip while I dig sand out of his mouth and all of that.
Yes, it was good over all.


Eric and the kids went exploring back in the woods where he used to roam as a kid.
I trailed along behind avoiding stickery prickery things.
They hollered, “Mom, slide down here too!”
“Um, sorry, don’t think so!”
I know, boring Mom, just that’s what Dad’s are for.


We took in the local ski show and it was a hit with this kids.
“You mean people can really do that?”
Wow, you really are sheltered, aren’t you!


And they swam and swam and swam.
My aunt has a pool behind her house and it was warm.
Very warm.
And the kids partied hard.
4 hrs at a time some days!
Talk about water logged.


Other days we hit the beach and they spent hours in the sand… and loved it.
(unlike their cleany, cleany Mother who would rather not get all sandy)
This was one evening when we went out at 4, a little less hot, less people, and we all enjoyed ourselves more.


We hit up a few sea food restaurants… for the most part that was good.
Ate a little gator, then a few days later went to see their relatives. πŸ™‚


Any body want to jump in?

Bike rides and park fun… Aww the life of a kid.
Vacation at it’s best.
Not a care in the world.


We were down with friends of ours and their itty bitty (or not so itty) was a super-duper baby on vacation.
Chilled in his car seat most of the time, snoozing away like I wished to be doing.
Occasionally he woke up and shook his fist and wanted to eat, but usually all was well.

Of course there were pictures at the beach.. just not FL without them.
Or so I think.
(Don’t ask what Eric thinks of that subject)


When you add Mr D to the mix of any photos, you never know what you’ll get.
We had about 15-20 min to pull this off and he was in a wild and crazy mood.


My little family!
I love them.
Craziness and all, I wouldn’t trade them!


And time spent with good friends is the best of times.
Our kids had a party together and we adults had quite a good time ourselves, I must say.


No words needed on who is the most mature of this gang.
We mom’s held things together, for sure.


And a FL sunset to go home with!
God speaking through the beauty of the earth!


15 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Looks like fun! But think I’ll keep my girls away from your post, they can’t stand it that we didn’t go to Florida this year. πŸ˜‰ Your pics are great–especially like Dakota, his smile is contagious. πŸ™‚ (and I am so with you on the beach. sand. messy. not my favorite place to go!:) )


  2. ohhh it looks like a great time was had by all. i can’t believe how big the kids are getting, especially your little man. i’m sure it was alot easier this time around for you (well easier being a general term) without having to fetch him out of the sand, but let him explore on his own (within reason!) and what a great group of friendes to spend time with. the kids looked like they had a blast together. love the family pics and the one of your daughter giving her brother a ride on the bike.priceless


  3. i am feeling jealous  florida? at THIS time of year when i just cannot bear winter for one more day?!!!  jealous… meaning i’m glad that you had this kind of fun…i was just enjoying your lovely photos rather longingly! your family picture is great. and i especially like seeing the important people in your world again, now that we met irl. actually, today it’s to hit 70 degrees around here. so i am excited! happy wednesday!


  4. looks so fun. i have such good memories of vacations in florida…. your children will never forget. AND won’t realize how much work it is for parents until they begin the tradition themselves with their own kids. ha.


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