Farmhouse Table

If you are on Facebook with me, just ignore this post! You’ve seen it all.
If not, read on please!

I had been hinting for awhile that I want a new table. Mine seated all of 4-5 adults and a few kids and in my opinion, that wasn’t enough when you have company. Not that I do that often enough either. I need to change that now. No excuse.

Years ago, I was all about buying one, but lately, I have been seeing these DIY posts on Farmhouse tables. Now not that I can do it MYself, but I live with someone that I knew could.

So I would hint, (not nag. just hint) that I wanted a table.
Last winter was the camper fixer upper, so no table.
Summers are not an option.
And then one day in Jan he asked me about those links I’m collecting on tables.
I very coolly opened them all for him to see.
(but inside I was jumping up and down)
And that was all it took.
He built me a table.

This post is not to brag on Eric (well maybe a little) but to show you the table. So without farther ado, the pictures that I know you want to see instead of reading this.

The first time I went to the shop, this is what I saw.
I wanted it roughed up a little so we got busy with that.
Kinda fun actually. Stress reliever.

My weapon of choice was the bar with nut or a bolt or whatever on the end. Eric used the chain.
We didn’t get too out of hand, but enough that if there are nicks and dings later, it won’t look out of place.
Eric sanded it down after that. Dakota loved the vibration of it. 🙂

Staining was way out of my league. I knew nothing about it.
As you can see in the corner, we started with the 2 extension boards. One turned out, one didn’t and I got cold feet about what this things was gonna look like. We flipped it over and started on the bottom to make sure we knew what we were doing. That went ok, so we figured we were good with the top too.

Yeah, I thought my hand would never come clean again either.
I’m a wimp, but that was a lot of work!
(and my little photographer could use a few tips also) 🙂

After staining the top, I worked on the legs. I debated for a long time over the color and almost went with white. I just couldn’t wrap my head around white table legs and kids, so we just made them black. I only gave them one coat and then tried to sand off the edges a little. Didn’t get enough off but it’s just gonna be ok like it is. They’ll get bang and bashed soon enough. That sounds like I’m raising wild cats, I’m trying not to.
I gave it a layer of varnish and then it was back to Eric to put it together.

Of course, being the procrastinators that we are, we waited to finish up until the week that we got company!

Tim helped Eric carry it in and about 10-15 min later we ate off it. 🙂
First things first tho, we must all climb on top of it.

I like it. It’s really dark but that’s how I wanted it.
We are going to make 2 extensions to to slide into both ends and that will give it another 30 inches.
They aren’t done yet, but all in good time. Couldn’t finish everything at once ya know. 🙂

One other thing, I have since “decluttered” around here and gotten rid of a lot of stuff sitting around so please ignore all that. 🙂

And the very best people to break it in. Family!
(I always knew Reagan takes after Eric’s side.)

After supper, Eric glued the top and then ran screws up to keep it in place.
The top had started to bowl a little so we needed a heavy weight to hold it down til the glue dried.
Tim worked well for that.

Now this is not as it seems.
I am not the heavy weight Tim is but everyone else was either busy or wouldn’t do it.
So yeah, I sat there and held my end down for 30 min.
Me and Bubs.
We seemed to work because it hasn’t come loose yet. 🙂

And that is my table. That I love.
Just leave a comment with your order and I’ll let him know. 😀

Actually, just open this link for your husband and tell him you’d like a birthday gift hand crafted by him.
Farmhouse table.

18 thoughts on “Farmhouse Table

  1. Yes, it is a lovely “dish! I would loooove to have one like it. But we have a very nice one, its just not my style anymore. Maybe someday i will have an everyday table and a formal dining table! ha who am I kidding!


  2. And to think I actually got to TOUCH that table in real life! 🙂 I’d love if one of those would be gracing my dining room… maybe someday. I laughed all over again at the table weights! :p


  3. That is an amazing table!  Handy husbands are great to have around 😉  I love the picture of you three sitting on the table, what hoot 🙂  How long did the table take from start to finish?I’ve been pining for a farmhouse table for several years now.  I’ve been looking at the white-washed versions. Maybe I should start “hinting” to Justin.


  4. It is just funny to me HOW MUCH our tables look alike. Also how after 2 years I found something else I’d rather want now, isn’t that how life works! sighIt makes it extra special when the man finds time to make something for the house…..So glad you could make it how you choose and that you now can host easier! 🙂


  5. O how this post blesses my heart, even if Im 7 months late. I may have to “show” this to my hubby. I just “mentioned” the fact that we probably should be thinking about a bigger table sometime. And I really like the farmhouse style tables, and I was pretty sure it would be something we could make and you just confirmed it. Thanks for the inspiration. 


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