Winter has slammed us to the ground and taken over.
I was just loving that 30-40-50 degree weather we had for a few weeks.
I know there were others on their knees begging for snow, but not this mama!
My girls were among the beggars.
They said, “Mom, I’m pretty sure we missed winter cause it sure looks like Spring out there!”
Never fear, child, we live in Ohio, it’s gonna get you get!
And it did.
It’s been freezing my tail!
I’m staying home as much as possible.
Not leaving unless absolutely necessary.
Necessary meaning, driving thru a snow storm to go out to eat with friends.
That qualifies.
And then watching a snow crazy friend make snow angels in the restaurant parking lot.
That was worth getting cold for!


The first little snow we had, out they went!
Mr D loved it.
Touch the snow.
Look at the snow.
Lick the snow.
Do it all over again.

His gloves were some we dug out of the closet.
I have invested in a better pair for him since then.

He thought it was just so much fun.
I was more then happy to stand inside the door to take pictures.

His sister on the other hand, nothing ordinary for her.
You wouldn’t want to scoop up the snow with your hand and lick it like a normal person.
No, just get down on all 4’s and lick it straight off the porch.
I prayed the germs out of her.
And for a split second wished her tongue would freeze just a bit.

We are the rednecks she looks like, short pants and all!
But not all of us possess her love of snow.
Madison came home from school and went out for 10 min, max, and came back in to read.
She is buried in a book at every waking moment.

5 min after I had him dressed and out the door…

… he had licked all the snow he cared to for that day.
The chair and a blanket felt a whole lot better.
I agreed.

Reagan, on the other hand, stayed out for a long time.
She was building something on the porch, scooping and pushing all the little bit of snow she could find together.
I stuck my head out and asked her what it is.
“Guess, Mom.”
10 guesses later I still didn’t have a clue and was nearly frozen.
“MOM. Can’t you tell it’s a loveseat?”
“Oops, sorry.
I so could see that.
Just wasn’t looking at it from the right angle.
Sorry bout those other guesses.
You would never build something like a “snow-fort.”
-I think that was the day it was 15-20 degrees.
After being out for awhile she came in and changed.
Into her swimsuit.
And slippers.
Can’t forget the slippers.
Today she wore the swimsuit again but had to forgo the slippers because you know, it was 40 out there today.

She’s going to Kindergarten in Feb.
I will admit that I quake inwardly at the stories her teacher is going to tell.
Oh well. At least she has to wear the same set of clothing all day.

Mr D is gonna have a shock when she goes.
He wakes up and says, “Weagan waked?”
“No son, not for 2 more hours. She sleeps till 10!”
And then she teases the time out of him.
He screams and chases her and takes her things.
Not sure who’s gonna miss who, but Mom is not gonna miss that part of it.

If I went to a meeting I would say, “Hi, I am Shannon. These are my kids. This is normal.”
Madison was bored out of her mind. She wanted to read.
Dakota had just finished a crying session.
And Reagan.
This was not one of those moments that you catch in a split second and laugh at later.
No, this was a pose.
She sat like this for at least a minute so that I would be sure to “get it on the camera!”
I did.
I’ll be sure and save it for her wedding.


16 thoughts on “Winter

  1. i’m not exactly on my knees praying for snow, but i would not mind actually having some…course, the whole it takes 15 minutes to dress everyone so they can go outside for 5 minutes does get old real fast. your Reagan! omw! she’s hysterical! that posed picture too; some kinda drama! ;O)


  2. Your kids are sweet & funny.  And you write well of them.  Glad you clarified that about the big gloves on D.    My children grew up eating snow off of boots, so I’m sure Reagan will be fine.  Laughed about the loveseat.  And we have a little one headed off to kindergarten in February too.  I know the house will seem so different without her.


  3. I think Reagan and Brenten must be of the same kind. 🙂  Funny about the swimsuits in January, where is that picture?!I was thinking I should write a blog on Spring in January….


  4. Shannon, I just burst out laughing about ‘the pose’!!!  She is hysterical!!  I love hearing about all the cute, funny stuff other peoples children do, but somehow it doesn’t always have the same charm when it’s in your own house 24/7.  I’m sure her kindergarten teacher will LOVE her:)  I’m not sure if that is to your advantage or not….


  5. Okay, Reagan’s pose is just hysterical! It’s “spring” here again, and I am wishing for cold and snow again. It’s not sup;posed to rain all winter!!! We have a wood furnace, and for some reason, depending on the humidity and the way the rain comes down, it makes the most horrible smell. I am in a foul mood today because of it, and desperately wishing we could afford to use propane all winter! Even if it’s not as cozy.


  6. hahaha we have a “normal” like that going on around here! you can tell reagan’s K teacher what i’ve told all of my kids teachers,”i won’t believe what they tell me about you, if you don’t believe what they say about me. deal?”  my jacob started K this past fall and never have i been quite so aware of the potential for humiliation. and btw. i immediately thought, oh! there’s a snow love seat!!! you didn’t? kidding. so funny. we have this 6th sense and eyes on the backs of our heads but when it comes to snow sculptures…!!!


  7. this post made me laugh…have I ever told you that you’re a good writer?  ok, well if I haven’t…you are.   i’m very neutral on the snow thing.  so what if it’s there, but if i have to go out in it??  then is the only time i care.  your reagan reminds me so much of alexis & her antics when it’s time to take pics.  at least life is never dull this way!


  8. I’m still laughing at Reagan!  Her pose is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the love seat … you mean you didn’t get it?  ðŸ˜‰  BTW, I love Dakota’s hat and your new header is super adorable!  I did not miss the little note on the post card, too cute!


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