Some weeks there are just no words for.
This was one.
It was long.
It was dreary, cold and ugly.
The weather fit the mood.
Rain poured down.
Death came screaming loud and clear.
It left many hearts aching.
An accident claimed the life of one we loved.
An 84 year old man, gray with age and work-worn hands.
Stooped and low but his fervor for life was still great.
Taken before there was time for good-byes.
We want to question God in His timing.
“Why now? Why him? Why us?”
And how can we say, “Never the less, we love you God?”
We do.
We do love you.
But it’s hard.
Hard to face the unknown.
To go on.
But amid the sorrow, hurt and tears, we saw beauty.
Smiles through tears.
Grace extended.
We saw hurting hearts start to mend.
Wounds begin healing.
We saw beautiful moments.
God-moments, orchestrated by His hand.
And then after the rain came the snow.
Clean and white covering all the ugliness with pure freshness.
Falling gently while we gently laid our friend to rest.
It seemed fitting.
It felt like God saying, “At the end of the rain, here’s a hug from me.”
Beautiful snow to cover the ugly up-turned mound of earth.
Wash our hearts also, God.
Clean and white like snow.
Then this morning, we shared.
Memories of the one we missed.
We sang.
And through it all, we smiled.
We knew he was so happy today.
At rest.
Praising his beloved Jesus.
With his son and daughters!
And while the storm still rages here,
YOU are here.
There is peace.
The darkest hour is just before dawn.
But JOY comes in the morning.
Until that morning….

P.S. The header at the top of the page was one I made this fall. The picture happens to be the very place outside Mahlon’s house the accident happened and he was swooped up to glory. The words beside it now remind me of the forgiveness his family extended to the driver at fault. It was felt with the heart!


12 thoughts on “Life

  1. yesterday when it began snowing I paused by the window and I just sensed that it was so fitting. Fresh snow was not in the forecast the day before, so I thought, how perfect. Today in church I stood gazing up at Jen’s grave, you know God calls the young, the old, and the middle aged. They all are someones loved one and as time goes on, death will continue to happen. I find it less shocking, I expect it I guess is what I should say. Maybe part of that is me protecting the blow if it happens to hit me personally again. ? Beautiful how you wrote about it, and how amazing about that tree being in your header, that is the spot for sure. Grace and forgiveness…..Richard explained how it was at the funeral. It spited me I had to stay home….


  2. Aww.  I’m so sorry.  And you wrote this so beautifully.  I LOVE how forgiveness and grace triumph in the hardest of times.  I always think an elderly person dying in a vehicle accident is SO untimely and ugly.  Peace to all of you involved.  That tree is gorgeous.


  3. This was so neatly written & I could almost feel the emotions coming right through the screen, Shannon.  And so neat about the pic with the beautiful tree.  I’m so glad you shared this with us – it’s very touching.


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