Mocha Brownie dessert

Holidays are coming… faster then I’d like, but what can I do to stop them?
What goes hand and hand with a holiday?
Food is probably the biggest part of our get together.
We cook.
We eat.
We relax and let it settle.
Then we start over and do it all again.
Now if the men would just do the cooking, we’d have it made!
Since they won’t, want an easy dessert to take to your Thanksgiving or Christmas party?

Brownies, Mocha pudding, Cool whip.
Who can resist that?

My friend Larita made this and I. loved. it.
It’s very easy but tastes so good that you’d never know it was easy.

Make a 9×13 pan of brownies.
When they are cooled, mix up the pudding.

2 boxes instant Vanilla pudding
2 C. Milk
1/4 C. instant coffee granulates.

-Stir together until coffee has dissolved.
Add 8oz of Cool whip and stir together.

Make 3 layers..
crumbled brownies
Pudding Mixture
and more Cool whip.
I did 2 sets of these layers.
Use however much extra cool whip you want for the layer. I think I used a box and a half or so.

Then eat to your hearts content.
It’s pretty rich if you aren’t a big chocolate lover, so make some coffee to go with it and it’s perfect!

disclaimer: Yours will probably look better then mine because this was left over from Sunday night. The brownies had started soaking already on here. Still good tho. Too good.

happy eating!


14 thoughts on “Mocha Brownie dessert

  1. @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown – Sadly that goes with all the good food! I’m gonna try and keep a handle on mine this year! @candlemakermom – We must have strange children cause I’ve never seen other kids like Mocha stuff so well! @smuckers4jesus – Def don’t make this if you’re dieting! 🙂 (but as soon as you’re done, you should!) 🙂 @appalolly – Haven’t seen it on Pinterest but it could be there somewhere.


  2. Oh it looks and sounds so good! We make it with chocolate pudding and add a layer off toffee bits. I think this coffee version sounds delicious…unfortunately my husband wouldn’t like it. He can’t stand any coffee flavor.


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