more time wasters…

As if I don’t waste enough time on Pinterest,  now I found …

Food Gawker.

If you have a love affair with pretty food, proceed to the link given and begin wasting time.
Well, this may not totally be a waste of time since you can actually plan your menu for the next 2 years.

and if that isn’t enough.. there is
wedding gawker,
dwelling gawker
craft gawker.

Pinterest is still the better of them all.
(how dare spell check say that Pinterest is not a word. I fixed that.)
If you haven’t started Pinterest, please do. I can send you an invite if you need one.
It’s fun.
I promise.
Off to do more gawking and pinning.


6 thoughts on “more time wasters…

  1. I’m not even going to go look.  I”m not even going to go look.  I’m not even going to go look. 😀  Actually, I haven’t really gotten hooked on pinterest.  I like it, but have spent very little time there.  I’m a slow changer. 🙂


  2. Goodness!! Do I really need another “time waster?”  Maybe so! I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest.  HUGE fan!!  My friends and I…seems like a lot of our sentences these days start with “So…I saw on Pinterest…”


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