of crafting and snacking

Yesterday we didn’t have a lot to do around here and the girls had been wanting to do some crafts, so we did!
I felt like home-ecky-becky till we were done.

Clips, pins, material, lace, beads, and all things crafty!

We cut, twisted, wrapped and glued.

We looked at tutorials online and they decided how, what, when, and where.

This turned out to one of the favorites. It was just plain old cotton material that I had in a box in the basement. We burned the edges and glued the centers together. I wanted something to put in the middle that matched the colors a little better but when your using odds and ends around the house, you just use what you have.

I didn’t get a good picture of the dark brown. It turned out pretty good too. Reagan wears it all the time. Even while she plays Indian and that consists of wearing a very small skirt and shouting war hoops aroudn the house.

So while your crafting… you should really be snacking, not?
Logical, I think.

We had made a fast and easy snack that morning and it went very well with our craftiness.

I got the recipe from my friend Lois and I believe Eric will be forever grateful! 🙂

Her recipe calls for only Crispix. We like it that way but sometimes I mix things up and add some pretzels and honeycombs too.

Caramel Crispix

2 sticks butter
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup White Karo
-Melt these 3 together and bring to a boil.
Remove from heat and add
1 tsp baking soda.
Stir very well and dump over 2 boxes of Crispix.

Microwave for 3 minutes, stirring every minute.

Stir occasionally while cooling.

Package in sealed containers or bags.

As you can see I dumped all the stuff in a Tupperware fix and mix bowl. The original recipe says to dump the Crispix into a brown paper bag and then pour the caramel over it. Roll the end down and microwave and shake every minute. It seems to work just as good to put it all in the bowl.  Easier.

Eric loves this stuff. If we are traveling I usually make a batch and he eats while he drives. Most often we give him a bag and hide the other one so that we get some too. 🙂

I usually package it in ziplock bags that way when it’s all meshed into one clump, a good thump with break the pieces apart again.

It’s so healthy, right?
I can just hear those tomatoes and cucumbers in the background screaming to be eaten instead of this stuff.
Sorry, not to hurt your feelings but I don’t like you and today, I’d rather not be so healthy!

Give it a try. Tell me what you think.
It really couldn’t be easier.

Happy eating.

Oh, and if someone smart would make this, maybe they could tell me why it foams so much when you dump the baking soda in. (beware)


20 thoughts on “of crafting and snacking

  1. my mom says that baking soda is a foaming agent so  its kind of like what happens when you make peanut brittle. there is a chemical reaction (as you none the less figured out) so it kind of makes it all creamy and stuff 😉 sounds grand! if you look up the chocolate peanut butter chex mix…its sooo good much like this recipe…ohhhh your crafted flowers are sooo beautiful. i love the beads and the burned edges on the flowers. i haven’t ventured to make those flowers yet, so you’ve inspired me..and i love that your girls are super excited with what they have crafted and snacked on as well.


  2. I should not have read this tonight. Cause now I want some Crispix mix for our trip and I have none. Waaaahh! What, oh what do we do?? P.S. I might just have to come see you at 6:00 in the morning. Wish you guys would be going too, but I hope you have a good relaxing weekend at home.


  3. I’m just about positive it was you!  It was on Xanga quite awhile ago.  Burlap curtains, some open shelves, a cabinet door front for the refrigerator.  Still doesn’t ring a bell?


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