We went camping last weekend with Tim & Sarita.
This was the first “real” camping expedition we took our new camper on.
The 4th of July we “camped” in Dan’s backyard, but that hardly counted I say.

Backing up to last fall, we bought a camper that needed a “little bit” of work. Little bit being the key to a good deal, a small winter project and you know, all those good things. Well, “little bit” became hugehugehuge and after consuming Eric for all of Feb, March, April and half of May, I named the camper “The Girlfriend.” He gutted the entire inside and rebuilt it. It was a major project but all of his hard work paid off and we now go camping in luxury. Well, almost, we still might be classed as slight rednecks, but it’s an upgrade for us. I don’t even have a picture of the girlfriend, but she went along for sure.

We had a terrible time finding a place to go but ended up North of here and at a campground right along the river.

The weather was beautiful, warm days, cool nights, lovely camping weather. You actually felt like sitting by the fire as opposed to the weather right now.

Mr D was loving it too. Outside, hotdogs and ketchup, swimming, sticks, stones, dirt, bikes to ride. A boy’s life!

He is way over confident at the pool! He has no fear whatsoever. Just jumps right off the side.
Not sure what to do with him. Usually when we go to the pool it’s just the kids and I and there in no rest with him. It was good to have his Dad along to help chase and watch him all the time.

The girls put Tim to work right away…

No rest for him when they are around.

This campground had a hot tub off to the side of the pool. It really felt good to sit in there and watch someone else entertain your kids. 🙂

I have a really good picture of Mr D and I in the hot but the old man in the background with white wrinkly skin and a farmers tan rather kills the mood so I won’t post it. 🙂

After dark we played with our cameras and lights. 🙂 Girls got a kick out of this.

Thankfully this little road was rarely used and he could putter up and down it with his stick and trike.
I think I’m finally getting used to a boy. You can not cloth them and expect them to stay clean. Once they are dirty, don’t change them, just let them be happy and dirty. He was!

We went a little 2 hr canoeing trip on Sat.

To say the river was loaded would be a gross understatement.
We spent most of the time maneuvering around tubes, canoes, floats, and you name it.
The girls had never been canoeing before so this was a huge deal to them. Tim, of course threatened to tip them all the time and scared them by slapping his paddle on the water.

Once again, the boy and water go hand in hand. He would have jumped out given a half a chance.

The campground had a free putt putt course so putt away kids!
Dakota was serious about it. If you got in the way, not his fault, he was hitting that ball.

And my favorite picture of the weekend.
Mr D and his beloved “nummies.”

Just realized I didn’t put a picture of on Sarita and her growing belly… oh well, I’d say she won’t mind. 🙂

Have a good weekend.
Stay cool.


13 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Hello, pretty friend!!  lovin’ the pic of you & D in the canoe.  And just mainly the entire post — always enjoy the pics so I don’t forget what you look like.  Of course, I just might see you soon if I don’t leave you alone about some things.  LOL  But really, I think I’ll tell Rod that we need a camper, because if you own one, then I want one!!  Hmmph.  I’ll think of you when I’m in our measly little tent.    luv you too??  


  2. @thegrabertribe – Hello pretty friend. I’ll stop posting pictures of myself so that you come see me instead of looking at me on here. 😀  Oh yeah, go ahead and get a giant camper, I’d be soo happy for you. I would love to hear you scream about the gas bill when you pull it somewhere. :p I’ll think about the luv. 


  3. Ouch.  That was a bit icy.   Never thought about a gas bill.  I love my tent.  Yesiree, I do.  I’m glad I can clean it in about 5 min.  I won’t list the reasons I dislike it here, but I try to be happy that at least we’re able to GO camping!  


  4. Lovely camping pictures! Canoeing sounds so fun right now, or water anything. The girlfriend cracked me up…at least it is ex now, huh? Your little guy is so funny. My boys never were that dirty, actually I never really understood why they were so calm (minus Kyson on calm) and clean all the time, I always figured boys were dirty and loud (like my brothers haha)  Both boys actually want to change if they get a few drops of water or whatever on their shirts. silly.  we are cool…….:)


  5. We are very much into camping, so it is fun to see what someone else’s camping adventure looks like.  I don’t know what I would do with a kid who wasn’t afraid and just bailed into the pool at any given moment. That would be hard. Kudos to you for even going camping with a kid that age. I would have just stayed home.I thought it was funny that you named the camper “The girlfriend.”  I so know what you mean, though.


  6. @seekinHISwisdom – I can totally see Alex being a clean kind of boy, but I missed that with Kyson! 🙂 D does have a phobia with food on his hands. They can be filthy with dirt, but get some cheese curl on them, they have to be washed!@appalolly – Camping with a kid this age… I already had to go camping with him last year at 9m old and THAT is one reason we now have a camper. 🙂 I did not grow up in a “camping” family but when we got married, that all changed. I hated it with a passion to start with, but it’s getting better. Age can mellow you, I think, and a camper with air conditioning to sleep in sure doesn’t hurt! 🙂


  7. Okay, I’ve already been in the mood to go camping, and now I’m just plain jealous. 🙂  Glad you had fun.  It looks supreme.  It’s fun hearing you talk about how you’re adjusting to a little boy because it sounds so familiar to me.  Makes me wonder what adjustments I’d have if I’d have a girl. 


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