A Summer post again?

Aww Summer is the life!
Running all the time…
Trying to catch up from 3 days ago…
Or more honestly, a week ago.
It seems there’s always 10 things left on the list from last week.

A glass broke tonight so I went ahead and mopped the kitchen floor on a Wednesday night.
Yeah, that is a little out of order for someone that’s a tad OCD and always cleans on Friday.
Swept the carpet too.
Man, I’m really slipping.
Summer is getting to me.

(Ice cream is better at Grandma’s)

But I’m enjoying it.
We’ve hardly had any of those hot days when all you feel like doing is sitting in the pool.
Just cool, cool weather.
The girls want to go to the beach, the pool, the water park and everything else.
Most days it’s almost not warm enough.
Today it was over 80*.
A record for the last while.

(Indian Squaws fixing their fire)

We spent a week in IN while the man went fishing in Canada.
That was the life.
Only bad thing was the girls wanted to go swimming all week and it was just too cold.
Imagine that, in June. In Indiana
We  managed to go one day with some friends.

(Hot shot lives life on the edge)

I enjoyed my week out there…
Not much cooking, cleaning or any of the normal hum drums from home.
I did have double duty child care so on that end, I felt like passing out in bed every evening.
Mental stress.
My hat is off to any single parent.
We were all glad to be back home again.
Or maybe I was the only one, they were all grumps!

(She gets great delight in lots of little things, like feeding the cat chips)

Reagan’s Indian craze was fed while we were there.
Bow and arrow, real arrow heads, and all kinds of things.
Now the little cousins send pictures of a teepee they made out of bamboo and that’s her rage.
“When can we go back so we can make one too?”
Not for awhile. We just came home.
But thank goodness for suctions cups arrow tips because one flew between the seats and hit the windshield while we were driving!

Madison’s birthday was the day after we left so Grandma kicked in and had a party for her with 12 little friends on Sat.
She’s 8 already.
It’s that weird feeling you get when you realize your child is growing up so fast that you’re left behind in the 2’s and 3’s… wondering what happened.
On her birthday she informed me that in 8 more years, she’ll be driving.

Wouldn’t this be the life, care and worry free, playing in the creek to your heart’s content.
If I were care and worry free I wouldn’t be in the creek but you get the point.
They are honestly worry free because they have no clue there could be a snake around.

I’m am not thinking deep tonight.
Ok, like I ever do, but even less then normal.
I’m just glad to be getting over a nasty cold/cough/blow your nose off your face/cant talk virus.
I’m just glad to be able to breathe again.
To talk again. I can still really growl at the kids, which comes in handy, but the voice is returning.

A wild blurry picture of the cousin kiddos.
Except as of last night, there is another one to add to the mix.
Aleigha Claire.
We had it evened out but the girls are pulling rank, but for just a few more months till the next boy comes along.
Days like this make you wish you lived 5 miles from your family instead of 500.
There’s no jumping in the car and running to the hospital to see the new baby.
No cuddling and squishing and seeing the tiny fingers and toes.
Maybe soon we’ll get there. Hopefully soon.
But for tonight we’ll be content where we are, kick back, eat some ice cream.
Did ya hear that Tris? We’re gonna eat ice cream, you just go ahead and hold that new baby!

I was all over the map with this post.
Excuse me while I go dig out the ice cream.
It’s Chips Ahoy by the way.
Crush Chips Ahoy cookies in ice cream instead of Oreos.
Try it. It’s good.


10 thoughts on “A Summer post again?

  1. i like how your daughter liked to share that in awhile she’ll be able to drive…don’t worry, 8 years is a bit of time still. 😉 looks like you all had a good time. you were glad when the men returned i’m sure…its hard being a single mom


  2. Loved this post, lady!  The “HELP US ALL” line about Madison driving is something I could just hear you say!   Thanks for the smile!   And please stop talking about ice cream or I might give into the temptation to run downstairs & eat the moose tracks I bought today.  


  3. Just cu-razy how all of a sudden they are so grown up and talking about being even more grown up.  Adam keeps saying, “Mommy, do you realize that in three years I’ll be ten?” Shivers!  I don’t care if he’s ten but that means I’ll be ….oh, forget it.  I’ll just keep thinking about today. 🙂  Fun to hear from you again.  Would ice cream make a good breakfast?


  4. This was such a fun post!!  The pictures look so fun and summer-y, and I especially like the one of Reagan laughing. 🙂  Enjoy your cool weather and green grass.  If you want to thoroughly warm up, come see us here and bring the ice cream with you. 🙂


  5. @smilesbymiles – If I get up before the kiddos, I can eat whatever I want for breakfast and it will still be healthy, right? 🙂 @twofus_1 – I honestly could take some hot, hot weather right now! I love summer and it feels like we’re skipping it here. We can’t even use the excuse of being so hot we have to have ice cream! 🙂


  6. Yeah, I don’t blame you.  I know when we were in PA and it was cool alll the time I felt like I totally missed summer.  It needs to be hot!  I actually love our weather.


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