Summer Time is Here

Let the summer begin!
Mowing lawn.
Planting flowers.
 And the heat.
Can’t forget the heat.
No complaining here, it was 50 just a few days ago I think.

Speaking of complaining, the girls did think for a moment that they might collapse in the strawberry patch today. They wanted to go with me so I told them, not one word of complaining. They didn’t but it was close. πŸ™‚ Madison says, “Thank God for some clouds!”
We should have picked them early this morning, I know, but we didn’t.
I could hear Mom telling me that the whole time I was doubled over in 90 degree sweat. πŸ™‚

Love, love, love summer time.

We had a good holiday weekend.
Went to the ice cream parade! That was fun!
It was a bit chilly that morning but that was the last of the chill for the weekend.

Waiting on that ice cream truck!
Dakota loved it! Slurping and licking and dripping all over!

He was all enthralled with the horses, tractors and everything going past.
He did take some time off from watching to pick up some candy! (and eat it)
His sisters gathered the rest and now we’re gonna have a candy throw for some other kids!!

Spent lots of quality time with friends and family.
Sat night we had a picnic, went biking and got eaten by mosquitoes.
The next evening the kids played in the sprinkler and had a wild game of soft ball while we sat on the front porch and watched the world go by.
Aww good times.

Little boys roamed freely and cleaning off everyone else’s plates. πŸ™‚


Anyone want kittens?

The 5 we have are begging for a good home. πŸ˜€
He loves them, he really does, but he is so rough with them.
The girls nearly have heart attacks when he flops the cats around.
He hauls them around and then they meow so he says, “shh shh!” πŸ™‚

The main kitty lover. They are her baby’s.

The stats for this photo.
Monday morning.
90 degrees.
1 Mommy cat on the look out.
5 baby kittens hiding behind the grill.
1 girl wearing a long sleeve shirt, fuzzy pants and 2 blankets!
Did I mention 90 degrees?


12 thoughts on “Summer Time is Here

  1. That is too funny about the two blankets and fuzzy pants in 90 degree weather. I am guessing she hadn’t been out there too long?Me too, with the LOVING summer!! Oh, it flies by so fast. I just want to will it to STOP.  Stand still, time, and let me soak up the warmth.


  2. Maybe I’m a bad mother. My 2 yr. old had fleece pj’s on and I stripped her down to her diaper. This morning she was all curled up in a ball..:) Didn’t hear a peep from her all night, tho!


  3. Summer is the BEST.  Life is just better in the summertime.  And I’m already starting to feel sad because now June is here and soon the longest day will be history and the countdown begins.  (Yes, I’m a pessimist.:)Love the clothes on the line, the boys roaming and eating the leftovers, and the last photo.  So funny!


  4. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wishing you’d update!  Looks like summer has finally come to OH!  And oh, what fun!  Fuzzy pants and two blankets???? Oh, my goodness, make me sweat. πŸ™‚  Yup, I’m the mean mom who says, no sorry you don’t need socks. πŸ™‚  (I’m so tired of those huge winter loads of laundry!)  But now the boys have taken to wanting to run around in as few clothes as possible …. maybe we should just create our own little boy nudist camp. πŸ˜›  J/K  Happy ice cream licking days!


  5. @smilesbymiles – You never know what the comments will say…ay yi yi…a nudist colony!   jk.  Some days it would sure help with laundry!  Love the summer post, Shannon!  I know just what you mean about hearing your mom in your head, telling you that you should’ve gone early in the morning, at the crack of dawn.  At least you didn’t spend what I did yesterday.  The farm market had them for $3.75/qt. & I needed 4 qts. for pies this weekend.  But if I would’ve driven 40 min. to the place where I needed to pick them, I would’ve wasted all my time, plus gas.  I just can’t win, can I?  Anyway…..stay cool!


  6. @smilesbymiles – Totally LOL at the nudist colony! We have one here half the time, well maybe not totally nude but very near. I guess, as long as I keep the girls here and you have the boys out there, we’re good! πŸ™‚ @thegrabertribe – If you would have driven up here, I would have given you these 2 1/2 gal for free. But only if you would have stayed all day! πŸ™‚


  7. Ah yes, I love summer too!!! Bring on the heat!!! Kinda spites me we wern’t here last weekend, so many fun things going. But we had a good time in Ind too. Love the pic!


  8. i loved all those pictures of the 4th of July. your son looks so excited to be trying a ‘big boy’ popsicle…im sure it was really messy, but oh so glorious. love that pick up game of baseball and the kitty hauling πŸ˜‰


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