Of flowers and Mother’s day

It’s been a long time..
no apologies here.
I log on and sit here and look at the screen then log back off.
Don’t have a lot of words right now.

Spring has been so slow in coming this year.
Lots of rain… hopefully we’ve seen the last of that for a bit.

The flowers popped up and bloomed, even in the rain and the cold.
These are my kind of plants. The do-it-yourself-don’t-ask-me-for-help kind!
Cause if you’re a plant and you’re asking me for help, cold hard truth is, you’re gonna die!

I just plunked these little buggers in the woods one year and haven’t touched them since!
Good girls!
My ferns treat me nicely too! Just pop up every year and keep multiplying without my help!
Other flowers that I have to plant. Not so good.
Don’t even ask me to keep a potted plant alive.

I have a major “flower picker” around!
If it blooms, she’s gonna pick it.
Right now I have a big bouquet of “purple weeds” jammed into a cup on the table. 🙂
And her outfit, well that was the current choice from the dress up box.
She’s all into Indian things right now.
Any help in clothing in that particular department would be great.

I was making a brown dress today and she was chopping away at the extra material. She brought me a decent size piece so I snipped fringes in the bottom, zipped up the sides, serged the top, zigzagged a piece of elastic around the top and we called it Indian.
She wore that and a head band and arm bands the rest of the day!
Yes, just that and the bands.
“Indians do that Joel says.”

These are a flower of choice around here too.
They are not killable at. all.
They appear frequently in bouquets too!

This pile comes from her for Mother’s day.
Grandpa helped her pick them.
Sadly they wilted before we came home.

Speaking of Mother’s Day… we had a good day.
Spent the whole day with Eric’s family.

Me and Little D… the only picture I have of myself and any kiddos that day.

He had some help in the flower department too. 🙂

Most of our day was spent out here enjoying the beautiful sunshine!
It was most lovely!

There are so many good Mother’s day post floating around cyber land right now.
So much good reading but so many things that I can criticize myself for, so many grand and glorious things to do with being a mom.
Makes me wonder if my children are actually going to survive having me for their mom!

Then I read somewhere, or heard, that that is a great tactic of Satan.
Slamming you with all this great stuff that others are doing and soon you start doubting whether you are even fit for the job.
Don’t let him do that. I doubt you are going to kill your children with your parenting skills. If one thing fails, try again and don’t let Satan get the upper hand!
That’s what I’m working on right now. Being the best I can be, just who I am.
(Altho some improvement wouldn’t hurt) 🙂

Oh and I did win a super duper give away thanks to Linda!
I’m one of those people who says, “I never win anything!”
Guess I can’t say that anymore. 🙂
Thanks Linda!


11 thoughts on “Of flowers and Mother’s day

  1. Love that last paragraph about not beating yourself up over your parenting skills.  It was a great reminder for me with the way today went.  And I’m right there with you on the killing of the poor flowers.  I can’t keep anything alive.  Not a thing.  So…what are you planning to buy with your gift card?  huh? huh? huh?  jk.  You know I’m not THAT nosy.


  2. Yay for you on your win, Shannon.  I was so happy when I saw it was you.Always enjoy your honesty and great photos.  Love the one of you and little D. And I really, really like your last paragraph too.  I’ve been struggling with all the good mother’s day words out there too and doing the ugly comparison game.


  3. Good post. I enjoyed it.  Be yourself. That’s what God made you for. Too many years are spent fearing what other people think. Since I’m older I can say what I think more and do what I want to more too.


  4. So, HOW did you make dandelions look beautiful?! That’s a good close-up! I’m SO with you on killing plants and lovin’ the “good girls” that bloom year after year with no attention from me! LOL about your little Indian. :p Jealous of you with your fun relaxing mother’s day… I could’ve handled an entire day with my in-laws! Loved your mothering thoughts. Very encouraging! I love the REAL it’s-hard-and-not-all-roses posts the best. 🙂 And I’m glad you won the giveaway… have fun shopping!


  5. I really liked how you brought out how the devil can (mis) use all those wonderful mothering posts to make you feel inadequate and like you aren’t doing a good job.  That is definitely a danger for me.  I want to read things as ENcouragement and not DIScouragement.I have a couple of “flower pickers” too! It is So sweet. 


  6. just came by to say congrats to linda’s lucky “i never win anything”-winner!  yay for you! and i liked your thoughts that you concluded with, “Being the best I can be, just who I am.” it reminds me of a quote, “be yourself. everyone else is taken.” i know that i need improvement, like you said ^^^,but comparison is not the road to get there. especially around mother’s day doggneit!  


  7. Yes, ma’am!  I will definitely go with you!  I could use some peace & quiet for a while.  I would possibly not even read, but just sit there & stare into space.   @down_onthefarm – Ok, THAT quote ^^^ there “be yourself. everyone else is taken”?  That’s what I needed to hear!  I do the comparing thing too much & it’s something I need to quit.  So thanks, Cindy.


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