Family Vacation

Aww a good Monday morning to you!
No, I am not normally this chipper on a Monday morning. It’s just a good one cause the bread is rising and as of 9:12am, my baby is still sleeping! THAT is rare, indeed.
And the fact that it’s at least 60 degrees outside helps too!

Of family vacations and such… it was good.
My sister came too. (and her husband cause Eric needed someone to golf with) 🙂
We laid on the beach and warmed ourselves to the bones.
We relaxed. We didn’t cook. We ate out.
We just enjoyed ourselves.
We didn’t even have to chase D.
He just sat there so happily with his little shovel and pail.

He didn’t even taste much sand to my knowledge. 🙂
He loved the water, surprisingly!
The girls played in the sand, buried themselves, swam in the ocean.
Awww it was good.
(except for the grumpy boy evenings from to much sun and lack of sleep)

We golfed.
Or they did.
I chased D with his golf club and ball!

His Daddy gave him a few pointers from time to time.
(when he could catch him)

We swam in the pool.
D was happy to splash and float.
The  girls turned into wrinkled prunes.

We had a picnic on the beach one night and took a few pictures.
The kiddos would have rather run and played in the sand then cooperate.
Actually D didn’t really cooperate. at all. 🙂
But that’s normal.

I love my girls.
They are as different as day and night.
One cries all the time. Nothing makes the other one cry.
One loves to read. The other loves to dress up and whisper secrets to her imaginary Indian friends.
One is ever so careful, cautious and soo sensitive. She cries for everyone else’s hurts.
The other waltzes thru life without a care in the world and could care less about anyone around her.
How do I learn to relate to them both? How do I know how to take care of 2 people so very different?

I love my little family.
Some days I could scream and run for cover.
But then I look at these pictures and know that someday down the road I’ll look back and just wish for this time!
Some day. One day.
Some day when they are teenagers and trying my patience I’ll wish for the days when I could boss them around.
Some day when they are grown and gone I’ll wish for the days of little hugs and goodnight kisses.
But today, I’ll just try to keep from screaming and running for cover!
And love them.

Eric and I had our 11th anniversary while we were on vacation.
I used to think that people married over 10 years were old.
They aren’t anymore. 🙂
We’ve had good times, hard times, but over all, it’s been a wonderful 11 years.
I hope there are many more years.

Tim and Sarita came down for the week too.
I was so glad they could come.
You know how some people are just so comfortable to be around.
A sister is one of those people. Probably the best of those people.
It was good. Fun talks, laughs, walks, and she helped with child control!
I was almost 11 years old when she was born.
I remember thinking that I was cheated out of having a sister to do things with.
I thought I would never get to have fun with a sister like all my friends did.
She was so little, so much younger and just not on my uppity level at all!
But, I wasn’t cheated, now we’re on the same level and we have all the good times you could wish for with a sister.

And my buddy boy!
He totally ran wild that night.
And we let him run.
He would just go for it, running as fast as his pudgy legs could carry him.
He’d look back to see if someone was chasing him, only to trip and eat some sand.
In no time at all, he was back up and running again.
I wonder what I did all the time before I had him!
(He’s still sleeping, by the way. And it’s 10:10am)
We wouldn’t want to imagine life without him!

This has turned into a sentimental post that I was not planning to write, but I’ll go with the flow and let it be what it is.
Enjoy each day, vacation or not, because some day down the road….


14 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Do you and your sister live in the same area? My sisters are all 7 or more years younger than me, but we live so far apart that we can’t do much together. The age difference is slowly becoming more of a non-issue, though. I have a feeling my girls are pretty much opposites, too. Emily’s still too young to tell for sure, but they sure aren’t alike as babies!Your vacation looks so warm and fun! Just a little jealous here!  Glad you had a nice time!


  2. Fun to see pictures of your trip!  They look wonderful!We must have gotten married just about a year before you guys did.About your two daughters being SO different…same with our two boys. How DOES that happen?


  3. oh my goodness. i have to say that the picture of your little man on the tube in the water and i almost melted. such a beautiful picture. and the one of you and your girls at the beach…gorgeous.such a beautiful reminiscing..especially of how your relationship with your sister has grown and how each of your daughters is unique. loved this. so glad that you got to go away on this beautiful trip. i know you were really looking forward to it!


  4. Love the picture of you sitting in the sand with your girls. My girl longs for a sister. 4 brothers just doesn’t quite cut it. For her sake, I wish she could have a sister, but… =)Isn’t it amazing how couples that are married 10 yrs are really just young marrieds. I used to think they were so old. Somewhere in my 30’s I think I have crossed the line into middle age. I am not sure when it happened, but with an almost16 yr old that is looking forward to getting his drivers license this summer and being married 18 yrs this year…Yikes! We are pushing our 20th anniversary! I know I sound like everyone else in my shoes, but time has gone so fast!


  5. Lucky you! You look so young and beautiful….And…I know ALL about children being different. Just this morning I was preaching a sermon to one son about being OK with your best, even if it’s not perfect. But in the back of my mind I was remembering my pages and pages of ‘notes’ from many ‘sermons’ preached to the other son about doing his best, not being SO careless….and I’m supposed to mother both of them?


  6. The vacations sounds blissful!!!  I’m so glad you had a good trip.  I can’t imagine the long trek you must have down to there, though.  We went from SC once driving 12 or so hours.  I about went crazy.  I’m not a very good sitter and it’s even harder now that the backseat isn’t quiet. Enough of that.  The pictures are beautiful.  I love the ones of you with your daughters!  You look so young in all the pictures…and I was thinking that before I read that you’ve been married 11 years.  Nah, people in that stage are definitely not old. 🙂  The sunset pictures are GORGEOUS!!!


  7. @Esther_lynn –  I am not looking forward to the teenage years, not just yet! I’d like to just pause it right here for awhile.@smilesbymiles – Florida should have worn him out. He got up before 8 every single morning we were there!! I soo badly wanted to sleep in. Oh well, we didn’t waste any daylight hours that way! 🙂 @lwstutz – I do not have a perfectionist in the mix, not by far. That is one way they are alike, things just fly like the wind and they have no clue and could care less. @twofus_1 – We did all night time driving and that help tremendously!! I drove thru Atlanta both times and thought of you getting a good nights sleep and wished it were me! 🙂


  8. Beautiful post.  Beautiful pics.  It sounded like what every vacation should be.  I’m so glad your son was close to angelic. 🙂  Love the photo of you and your very different girls.  I think I can tell which one is which. 🙂


  9. @singingrachel – After 2 girls, I’m scared I won’t know how to raise a boy! He’s so rough and wild already sometimes I’m scared to even think of the future. 🙂 @quiet_hearts – I think too that you can see on the girl’s faces which one had which personality. I told Madison the other sleepless night that there are other girls out there that have her problem too. She was completely surprised. I think she could sleep just knowing she’s not the only one! 🙂


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