odds and ends

It’s been a month since I posted.
I am dry.
I didn’t think the winter would get to me this year.
It did just a bit in Feb.
My Grandpa passed away.
That was part of the problem, I think.
In spite of it all, I’m glad he could go. He wanted too.
But now it’s March.
And it’s warmer. And if it’s not, it’s bound to start getting there!
And we’re going on vacation, somewhere warm, just soon! Yay!

My computer went to the Dr and. I. miss. it.
I worry about it.
Ok, so maybe I just worry about the stuff I put on it the day before that didn’t get backed up.
Everything else, I mean everything else!! was backed up.
The day before it was attacked by a bunch of bad things, I did a bunch of work and walked away without backing it up.
Don’t do that.

I’m using Eric’s old laptop that he rarely uses anymore.
The OOoooOOOOooo key sticks.
Annoys me.
I feel weird, or something, without my photos, photoshop and scrapbooking.
Back your stuff up.
Did you hear me?
Every time you do something.
What would you loose if you got a virus right now?

Ok, done with that soap box.
But listen to me. Do you hear?

On to other things.
Not sure what other things there are.
My girls are acting like boys right now, wrecking the living room.
Cleaning it up will give them something to do.

Dakota is in the middle of pushing 4 big teeth thru.
What a grand time to drive 18 hrs with him.
His newest favorite word is “Owwie”
It doesn’t take much to get him to say it.
As in, a small bit of discipline in church and it’s  “Owie, Owie!” loudly enough that his Dad could hear him all the way across the church!

Can’t wait to relax on the beach with my sister.
I’m in denial.
I won’t be relaxing.
I’ll be chasing my son!
Think of me.

Edited to add:
Don’t ever take a 1.5 year old to the library!! Ever.


12 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Oh dear…:)  I can sympathize!  Do you remember how busy my lil guy was that day? Well, let’s just say It’s not one bit better in a little different way, allot worse in some ways:(   I know the feeling all to well of looking forward to something for SO long and then to be brought back to reality when it finally comes around…how could I think for one minute that I’d be enjoying it and NOT chasing my son around.  I hope you can have a Wonderful time and that Dakota will love to sit and play in the sand:)


  2. Yeah, I don’t back stuff up on my computer NEARLY every time that I work. And I know I should.  But I still don’t.Good for you…getting to go on vacation!  Hopefully it goes well and your children are little angels!


  3. Love your new header!!!!!!!  Please tell me it’s not those thousands of scrapbook pages that you didn’t back up!  That would be horrendous.  Have fun at the beach!  Do you really get to go somewhere warm?  How incredible!  I am just hanging on for dear life here … but at least we’re hitting sixties.  It’s a start.


  4. Shannon, bless your heart. I know the feeling, except mine was a whole lot worse when we discovered the back up that we thought we were doing, actually missed the most important stuff.  But, thank God I got it all back!!  Now, I’m using Carbonite for back up and that’s an amazing back up program.  It’s an online service that backs up everything new I do, pretty much as I do it.  love that it does it automatically!  for 50 bucks a year, I figure it’s well worth it for me!!  Let us know how yours turns out then.  Happy beaching!!  I’m jealous.


  5. Yes, I heard you.  ALWAYS back up e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. on your computer.   That’s the drift I was supposed to catch, right?   Thanks for the timely reminder.I’m so happy for you that you get to go somewhere warm.  I hope the sun shines every day and the baby is unusually angelic.  I always say that for us right now anticipating the trip and the memories later are better than the actual “vacation”.   May the 18 hours go well.  And being at the beach with your sister sounds good even if you’re chasing your son.


  6. Oh, my, I really need to hear this post.  I am so terrible that most of last year’s pictures aren’t even backed up!!!!  I know!  Please, yell at me again next week when I’m home and can do something about it.  I hope you have your pages saved!!!  Enjoy vacation, and feel free to stop in Atlanta on your way to FL.  Just assuming. 🙂  Seriously, we’re 5 min. from the interstate, so I’ll come meet you somewhere if you go through there.


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