of life in general

I can’t believe it’s been a month, or almost, since I’ve written.
We are just entirely too busy. So. so. so. ready for life to slow down a little.
This is a huge statement for a “Winter Hater” but I’m almost ready for snow storm to just shut me in!
And I’m asking to slow down, in the middle of the Holiday season? I doubt it will be happening.

 I’m tired. Ever so tired.
There are too many things calling my name. Too many things to do.
I have a list that just never ends.
A forever list.
Ironing, for one, has been on that list for, oooh, maybe 2 months, could have been 3, I suppose. It’s just not a necessity.
Cleaning out Dakota’s closet has been on the list too.
It got done the other night at 8:30pm. I feel a wee bit better.
But it won’t last! Sadly.
The basement, the basement is a permanent part of the list. It just never comes off cause as soon as I get it looking respectable, little people destroy it again. and again. and again. THAT is only the toy part of it. The storage part… well that part is hopeless my friend, completely hopeless. I started the other night but didn’t get far. I was too tired. Eventually finished some more much later, the rest remains! WHERE does all that stuff come from? To tell you how much it’s been on my mind the last while, I even dreamed about it. It was a good dream, I tell ya. I saw Eric back a truck up to the basement door and he threw away almost everything down there! I was soo-oo-oo happy…. I really can’t tell ya how happy!! — until I got up the next morning — and went to look at the basement to see if it was real. — it wasn’t. I almost cried! We’ll just suffice to say this dream will probably never come true because this “throw-away-woman” married a “save-everything-man!”

Finally got those horrid windows washed.
Or at least a few of them.
I always had to get a ladder out to reach them, but we are building a front porch and I can reach them now, so maybe, just maybe I’ll wash them more then once a year! 🙂

There are more things still on the list…
sell a camera.

What about you?
What’s on your forever list?
 Or don’t you have one?


Sometime between working on that never ending list and everything else there is to do, I made some time consuming cookies. They were good but too much work!
They were called Cinnamon Roll Cookies.
I hated rolling them so I made balls and squashed them.
That worked too!


Have you ever been to the St Louis Arch?

We have.
Has your tram car ever got stuck on the way down?
Ours did.
Not funny at the time, but it made good memories.

See those windows I circled.
I know, we were that high.
630 feet in the air.
But they eventually got us back down.
Go try it sometime.


In the middle of all this, my baby turned 1 and I didn’t even blog about it.

I tell ya, that year just flew by. I am not a nostalgic person, at all. Not all that sentimental about things, but the day of his birthday, I just want it to stop, to just hold him for a little longer at this sweet age!
But it didn’t, and neither did he!

He’s a sweet toothed cookie monster!
And as naughty as they come.
I should just keep a diary on here of all the things he does.
Caught him walking down the hall licking the salt shaker the other day.
He loves loves loves the toilet! ugh! And the toilet bowl brush. And the plunger.
I promise, I hide those things and he always finds them!
He can climb now, so nothing is safe anymore.
He crawls into the bathroom cabinets and Reagan happily comes by and closes the door on him.
Yes, they are still tormenting each other.
She tied him up again the other day!

He is just getting so big, so fast!!
Before we know it, he’ll be wanting to drive.

He’s so funny, loves to laugh and tear around with the girls and his Daddy.

We love him!

This tired lady better get to bed.
Company coming tomorrow.
More cleaning to do before they come.
Hey, it’s Mom and the sister in laws. And Sarita.
I have to clean! 🙂


10 thoughts on “of life in general

  1. It’s good to hear from you again! I was checking your blog for your post on pumpkin cookies from a year ago. Finally found it. I’ve tried others but they’re not like yours that I made way back when. Finally found the recipe. That’s what all the footprints were about.;)


  2. So sorry your so overwhelmed. Boy I have been there. I don’t know if you have ever checked out the flylady website but honestly it has really been a lifesaver for me. I keep everything neat and organized on Tadalist.com too. Just a suggestion. After I had the baby I felt like life was just running over me. I started using these sites and I feel like I’ve got a better handle on things. Don’t get me wrong, things aren’t still what I’d like them to be but they are better. BTW..both are free sites!Those cookies look yummy 🙂  They do look very time consuming though. Do they actually taste like a cinnamon roll?Your boy is adorable. My boy is 4 months old & everday I just look at him and can’t believe how fast time is going by. Too bad life doesn’t have a puse button isn’t it?Hope you start feeling a bit better. I just said the other day that I was kind of looking forward to the “slow pace” that winter brings! We must think alike :)Have a wonderful evening and great upcoming weekend.


  3. Uh, do I have a forever list? Always. Can’t imagine what it would feel like not to. I think I like it that way though. Not sure why! Maybe it subconsciously makes me feel important that so much stuff is waiting for ME to get done. Ha. 🙂   Oh wow, you made cinnamon roll cookies! I’ve been looking at them for the past few years around Christmas cookie exchange time and just last week I decided this is the year! So, they’re time-consuming? I was afraid of that! Maybe I should start now if I have to make 6 or 7 dozen for an exchange! 🙂 Laughing all over again about the arch adventure. :p    Aw, I love your busy cute charming irresistible 1-yr-old. That ‘so big’ picture is adorable!


  4. Is there anyone who does not have a forever list?? Just trying to make you feel better– you know you’re not alone. Let me know when you decide to do your ironing. I’ll bring mine over to add to the bunch. No sense that we BOTH do something we don’t like. hah ha just kidding. 🙂


  5. Hey, I’ve got an awesome idea!  We need another get-together, don’t we?!  Let’s plan an ironing party—-we can all bring our irons & boards & clothes, and we’ll talk & laugh & iron together!!!  Y’all can come here—–then Joanna & I don’t have to try to haul our freshly-pressed clothes back home again.   (She’s probably caught up on ironing, though……………hmmm, she can bring all the food! )


  6. Shannon, I really like you.  You are so funny in your sad tirednes.  But I am afraid I am too much like you for me to give you much good advice. :(The dream is hilarious.  The ‘so big’ picture is adorable. Have a wonderful time with your company.  Tomorrow is another day.


  7. Man, maybe I should just make that dream come true.  Because tomorrow (spoken in a whisper) I have to clean the basement.  And it has never been this bad.  I’m sure of it.  Oh, and those pumpkin cookies from last year?  Yep, they’re the annual fall tradition around here. 🙂  Hate it that you’re so busy.  Mostly cause I miss your posts.  Oh, wait.  Was that selfish of me?  


  8. oh i can so relatet to your post. i seriously am gonna ask my hubby what shirt he wants to wear tomorrow from my HUGE stash of shirts to iron. uh. your little man is so adorably cute. LOVE the B&W pic of him. oh and what camera are you selling??


  9. your little guy is so cu-yute!and no. i don’t have a forever list. are you kidding? i have enough depressing moments!  you should try my list. it’s hour by hour. like, one hour i have to do a load of laundry and put 30 things away and until the next hour shows up, it’s FREE-TIME!!  i’m not making any of that up, either.sorry about BUSY. it really is the curse.oh but those cookies look divine. better than the zebra cakes i bought.


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