Of Helmets and Stamps

Do you know all the uses for a biking helmet?
Do you really?
They are far more vast then your small brain can ever comprehend, I tell you they are!
Helmets are a very useful thing.

Did you know that if you have wanted one for a really, really long time, and your mom finally buys you one at a Good Will, you wear it all the time?
I mean all. the. time.
The uses are endless.
Helmets are a very useful thing!

First there is reading, you must wear a helmet to read.
(Never know when that monster in the book will jump out and get you!)

“See Mom, he looks very real!”
(a bop on the head from the reader behind her would be more likely)

Secondly, you must wear a helmet every time you ride a bicycle, no matter the size.
(That is a long way to the ground even if your knees almost touch the floor!)

Please do continue wearing the a fore mentioned helmet while showing everyone your toothpaste and stamp that was given to you at the dentist that day. That toothpaste could be dangerous.

(Remember that little purple stamp, please.
It comes into play later)



We will annoy the daylights out of little brother by placing the said helmet on him.
(and finally give your own head a breather)

Little brother seems to hate it.
Take it off and wear it yourself.

And smile sweetly because it’s your lucky day, a princess helmet was found on the shelf of the Good Will and you haven’t stopped smiling since.

And the evening and the morning where the first day.

Day 2.

Wake up in new (used) Dora jammies.
Promptly place helmet on head.

Soon after breakfast, venture out and see how the helmet works when you actually ride a real bike while wearing it.
Sing along to the Dora tunes on the new little player you received for your birthday.

Baby Brother who so hates that helmet, watches from inside.

Do a pit stop to adjust and refasten the a fore mentioned helmet.
(Mom, missed that photo)
((but don’t take it completely off, you never know what will hit))

Later, when you hear the mixer, sneak out of the bedroom with your helmet on…

…and see if you can help.
Dangerous stuff here, better wear a helmet to shield you from flying bread dough.

Since Mom is kind enough to give you a teeny, tiny, incy, wincy piece of dough,

You play with it and make pretzels.
(while wearing a helmet for protection)
((ya never know, danger lurks in every corner))

(isn’t that just the cutest pretzel tho?)

After awhile, you eat the dough pretzel
(after rolling it on the floor)
And it’s time to play barbie.
(while wearing a helmet)

You put your barbie to bed….
(can you see her down there?)
((he can))

“Look out below!”
Here. he. comes.

Since it’s not safe to leave your barbie unprotected and since you are wearing a helmet for protection…

…you may as well just go to bed with her.
And you take your pie crust pretzels that you just made, along to bed, danger awaits them also.
A helmet is a very useful thing.


Later in the day, the helmet wearing maiden wandered else where to find things to do…. 
Meanwhile, Danger, aka Dakota, found OTHER unsuspecting things to try.
(remember that purple stamp)
uh-huh. yeah.

That one. The purple stamp that got eaten alive.

I am telling you, that is the real deal.
Who ever made those little free things, made them to last.
and last.
 and last.
and last.

Why is he crying when it was so much fun 2 sec ago?
Cause Mom scared the living daylights out of him when she yelled. That’s why.

And no photo to prove it but I promise the helmet wearing maiden came to the rescue and made him laugh!!

Helmets are a very useful thing.


22 thoughts on “Of Helmets and Stamps

  1. Ha!  You made me laugh. 🙂  My kids love their helmets too.  Judah begged for a pink one at a yard sale cause Auralie had one..not sure if I want him to wear a pink helmet in public!  That crying purple mouth is too cute!


  2. Oh my if anyone had been here reading this they would have thought I was nuts. I was seriously laughing that hard. The helmet was adorable but that stamp just took the cake! Great post, thanks so very much for sharing. I truly enjoyed it this morning.


  3. Ariana is looking at this with me and she is VERY concerned for Dakota—-she keeps saying “ty (cry)”.  Hard to tell what she’s most worried about—-the tears, or the purple drool!  LOVE this post, Shannon; thanks for the laughs!!!


  4. Fun, fun post and adorable pictures.  I was loving it.  AND THEN I came to the stamp-eater.  And then I really loved it.  Because I have a stamp-eating marker eater too.  I thought maybe there was something wrong with her, but it’s good to know she’s not alone.  Does that ink taste good, or what??I think my favorite line was the one about eating the dough pretzel after it was rolled on the floor. 🙂  Something that would definitely happen here too.  And my floor is rarely clean.Helmets are special things.  We have an old white one that gets worn a lot.  And it is nothing compared to a purple princess one.Have a good Friday with the Helmet Maiden and Danger.


  5. Great post, Shannon. Bike helmets were very coveted things here too until I found them all one at a thrift store. (Yay for Goodwills!) They were also very useful for the first couple days, then they got put on the shelf and were forgotten for awhile. (Yeah, it wears off eventually.) But man, those useful things really should be used. You know, in case the house falls down or something.  


  6. Good post, Shannon! Makes me feel good to see Reagan with her helmet! I seem to remember how someone laughed everytime my kids came around with their precious helmets! 🙂  Probably the time they wore them for horsey rides with Daddy made me laugh the most!  Yes, he gives wild rides sometimes!!


  7. We NEEDED helmets desperately, too. Found some at a garage sale or thrift store. AND then, they discovered that they are hot and uncomfortable. So. Do they ever get used?! NO!!! sigh!too bad about her purple stamp. did it come off him??!! 🙂


  8. Hilarious!  Seriously, that is just too funny.  Is it an age thing?  B/c Adam has been frantically begging for a helmet for about a year.  We meet about .05 cars when we bike on the road, but it is true that legally he should be wearing one.  I just have a hard time shelling out $20 for a new one so he goes without … b/c Goodwill hasn’t shown us any good will in the helmet dept.  Yet.  Maybe soon.  


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