I had never had a fancy for antiques till a few years ago. One day my MIL and sisters in law all went “Antiquing” and I discovered I liked it, I like the stuff, and it’s kinda of fun to go digging and see what you come up with.

Now it’s hard to stop at these places with kids, especially the good ones with junk sitting everywhere. Kids and Antique stores, just do not mix so very well and for that reason, I haven’t really done to much around here. If I do see a place I want to stop, I either have the kids along, don’t have time, or the main thing, don’t have money! 🙂

Last weekend we were in IN and we drove by this place and they had a pretty blue bike sitting out front, you know the old kind with rounded handle bars and a basket on the front. I told Sarita we have to stop there on the way home and check that out.

So we did. $40 for an old bike, naw, not wanting it that bad. Since we had stopped anyway (and mom was in the truck with the kids) we snooped around a little. The old guy kinda followed us around and since half of his stuff wasn’t priced, we’d pick something up and say, “How much for this?” and he’d shoot off a price.

First off we nabbed 2 high bar stools with cool back for $5 a piece. Nothing fancy, just old things that look rather cute. Inside, we were digging and Sarita found a globe and since she collects them, and he said $2, she grabbed it. I had an old bowl with a lid in my hand for $2 and then I saw it. Way back on the shelf, lots of other things sitting in front of it, my prize! Something I had wanted for awhile.

An antique fan!
I dug it out and when I lifted it off the shelf, I almost dropped it.
(It weighs 10lbs)
I held it up and asked, “How much?”

He says, “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell” (think strong southern accent)
 “The cord is cut off and I’m not sure it will work anymore.”
He paused and I’m thinking, “Not like I’m gonna be using this thing anyway, Buddy!”
Then he says, “A couple bucks ok?”
I quickly schooled my features and without a smile said, “I think that will be ok!”
(think Anne of Green Gables)
 But all the while INSIDE I was jumping up and down and yelling and screaming for all I had.
I could not believe it.

$2 because the cord is cut off and it probably won’t work.
Mr. I will be coming back to visit you, thank you very much!!!!
And thank you to the guy that cut the cord off when the old thing quit working! For that, I got my prize for $2.

It says 1938 on the front and Tys did some googling for me but we couldn’t come up with anything.
Anyone have a clue what it’s worth?
Probably not much cause the cord is cut off! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Antiques

  1. beautiful! i would be beside myself with excitement too. i love being able to just look through things and then see uses for them. that is a beautiful fan…very nice that you were able to have it at such a great price. too bad the bike wasn’t a bit cheaper. that would be a great thing to own…especially with a basket on front.


  2. I am so not an antique person (love them at other people’s house, can’t make it work at mine), but I would love to have one of those bikes!  So much so that I would *almost* have shelled out the $40 and then regretted the money later.  


  3. If Eric rolls his eyes too much about it…you can just haul it over here. 😉 I love old things, but my house is in a confusion about it. Not knowing how to mix it together with what I already have. I am about ready to hire some experts!


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